Are we moving towards the end of tipping?


Are we moving towards the end of tipping?

By James Evison

The government consultation on tipping is ending – and the responses from industry bodies such as the ALMR has come in. James Evison looks at the UK’s tipping situation.

Hungry Horse Greene King

Hungry Horse brand 'could grow to 500 sites'

By Mark Wingett

Hungry Horse, Greene King’s value pub restaurant brand, could eventually grow to 500 sites in the UK, after proving its flexibility across a number of different trading locations.

Police: asking questions of drunks

Police use drunks' evidence in reviews

By John Harrington

Police are using evidence from drunken yobs about where they've been drinking to take action against pubs. Answers are then used as evidence if a pub's licence comes up for review.

Luff: BBPA code must be enforced to enforce change in the industry

Luff sceptical over pubco ability to change

By Ewan Turney

The MP behind the highly critical Business and Enterprise Committee report into pubcos says he is "sceptical" about the ability of pubcos to implement change in the industry. Peter Luff said he must be convinced the BBPA code can stick.

Mess House

Host wins Oldham test case

By Tony Halstead

Oldham licensee Patrick Kelly has defeated an attempt to force hard-line restrictions on trading that are being sought throughout the town. Blanket...

Luff: report based on survey of 1,000 tenants

Pubco probe to be based on tenant survey

By Ewan Turney

The Parliamentary inquiry into pubco power will largely ignore anecdotal evidence — both for and against pubcos — in favour of its own survey of 1,000 tied tenants. The report is at a very advanced stage and could be unveiled next Wednesday.