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Game on: ‘A question I have been asked a lot is whether gaming machines are allowed on licensed premises following the updated Covid-19 rules and guidance’ (Image: d1sk/Getty Images)


Level-up: key requirements for pub gaming machines

By Poppleston Allen

As we enter a new period of trading, it is worth brushing up on some of the key requirements for gaming machines in licensed venues in England and Wales.

ALMR and BBPA call for gaming machine fee to be abolished

Scrapping gaming machine fee ‘would save pubs £500,000’

By Nikkie Sutton

Business in Licensing (BIL) and the Gambling Business Group (GBG) have joined forces in a bid to remove the fee pubs have to pay to inform licensing authorities if they want to use their automatic entitlement on gaming machines.

Advice: Beware of theft from fruit machines


Advice: Beware of theft from fruit machines

By Poppleston Allen

You may have seen in the press, recently, news of a number of thefts from gaming machines in pubs across the south-west and, although these crimes are uncommon, they do happen.

Legal advice: Calling it on bingo

Legal advice: Calling it on bingo

By Poppleston Allen

You may remember previous articles on Greene King’s application to the Gambling Commission (GC) to facilitate bingo in its pubs. The GC lost the first appeal and on 8 October its second appeal was heard by the Upper Tribunal.

Illegal gambling machines siting


Illegal gambling machines siting

By Poppleston Allen

You may have seen news recently about clubs being prosecuted for illegally siting gaming machines in contravention of the Gambling Act 2005.

What gaming machines are legal in pubs?

Gaming machines: Q&A

By Poppleston Allen

'Can you have a Fixed Odds Betting Terminal (FOBT) in a pub?', and other questions, answered by the Publican Morning Advertiser's legal writers.

Pub games machines tips

Top tips for better gaming machines returns

By Simon Barff

Modern pub retailing is all about food and drink isn’t it? Well, no. The majority of pubs have a huge, and in many cases, untapped, opportunity to drive profits up – by up to 30% – through a greater focus on AWP machines, and machine players.

The number of pubs with gaming machines permits has increased

Gaming machines, licensing authorities and pub visits

By Poppleston Allen

The statisticians have been hard at work on behalf of the Gambling Commission with interesting results (honestly!) for the licensed trade. The commission recently published the licensing authorities’ statistics up to 31 March 2012, which include details...

AWPs: use a respected supplier and check their operating licence

Pubs warned on illegal AWP machines

By MA Reporter

Pubs are being urged to double-check that they do not have any gaming machines that are operated illegally after a series of police seizures. The Gambling Commission seized evidence from nine licensed premises on 24 May.

AWP machines: be wary of underage stings

£5,000 fine for underage gaming

By Gurjit Degun

Licensees could face a £5,000 fine if they are caught allowing under-18s to use gaming machines in their pubs. The warning has been issued as an...

Gaming: makes sure users are under-18

AWP test purchase ops set to rise

By Ewan Turney

A firm of leading licensing solicitors has warned that test purchase operations on AWP machines are set to rise. Poppleston Allen said that a recent...