Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points

Food safety failures: don't make the headlines

Food safety failures: don't make the headlines

By Daniel Woolfson

Recent events have driven home the point that slip-ups — when it comes to food safety, allergens and cleaning — have the potential to devastate businesses and lethally tarnish reputations. Daniel Woolfson looks at how operators can safeguard themselves...

Profit by putting food on board


Profit by putting food on board

By Poppleston Allen

You might now be thinking about your business plans for the new year, and what you could do to differentiate your offering from that of your competitors.

New FSA rare burger rules aren't 'robust enough', says food safety expert

Rare burger rule change ‘costly’ for pub chefs

By Nicholas Robinson

Serving rare burgers in UK food businesses could be expensive and remain potentially dangerous, even with new Food Standards Agency (FSA) controls in place, a leading food safety consultant has warned.

Operators should keep documentary evidence of all training and checks carried out

5 food safety tips for pubs

By Poppleston Allen

The food safety enforcement regime is something operators should be acutely aware of. It is imperative to have good systems and procedures to protect yourselves from enforcement action, which can be damaging and costly to your business. Here are 5 tips...

Ufi Ibrahim: BHA chief executive

BHA adds training programme to website

By Lesley Foottit

An online training tool for workers new to the hospitality industry has been launched by the British Hospitality Association (BHA).