High Court

The verdict: 'nothing is decided until it is decided, in this case possibly by the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court, with appeals by everyone on the cards'


Regulators v insurers: the verdict

By Philip Kolvin QC, Cornerstone Barristers

Sometimes white smoke appears from a chimney and the result is clear. Sometimes, smoke rises from the battlefield, casualties are counted and it takes a century or two to work out who won and lost.

Satellite football: the European Court of Justice ruled that territorial restrictions on viewing cards was unlawful

Foreign satellite football saga goes on for pubs

I am sure you will remember the euphoria that surrounded a decision in the European Court of Justice that it was not illegal to use Nova viewing cards. The European Court of Justice advised that, as the supplier and the recipient were both member countries...

Consequences of the Murphy case

Consequences of the Murphy case

By Peter Coulson

As I commented last week, the decision in the Karen Murphy TV football case was inevitable, given the rulings handed down by the European Court.

Coulson: debate over legality rumbles on

Wider impact of Murphy case

By Peter Coulson

Morning Advertiser legal editor Peter Coulson considers what the general advocate's opinion on foreign satellite systems means.

Pubwatch: High Court upholds bans

High Court upholds pubwatch bans

By John Harrington

The High Court has upheld the right of pubwatches to ban individuals from their pubs without question — as long as police and councils aren't...