Insurance lawsuit: Stonegate Group has filed a £845m lawsuit against its insurers: MS Amlin, Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe and Zurich, in the latest sector dispute over business interruption policies

Stonegate files £845m lawsuit against insurers

By Georgi Gyton

Stonegate Group has filed a £845m lawsuit against its insurers: MS Amlin, Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe and Zurich, in the latest sector dispute over business interruption policies.

Research required: the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published a list of policies where the relevant insurers has found in their review the test case may affect the outcome on claims generally.

Explained: how to claim business interruption insurance

By Nikkie Thatcher

While the Supreme Court ruled most business interruption insurance policyholders will have cover for losses due to coronavirus restrictions, which was hailed as a “massive boost”, it doesn’t necessarily mean everyone who had this insurance can be compensated.

Landmark case: the hearing is expected to last four days but the decision won't be revealed for a number of weeks

Business interruption test case reaches Supreme Court

By Nikkie Thatcher

The landmark business interruption test case pitting the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) against insurers is currently being heard at the Supreme Court, but it could be weeks before a decision is made.

The verdict 'nothing is decided until it is decided, in this case possibly by the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court, with appeals by everyone on the cards'


Regulators v insurers: the verdict

By Philip Kolvin QC, Cornerstone Barristers

Sometimes white smoke appears from a chimney and the result is clear. Sometimes, smoke rises from the battlefield, casualties are counted and it takes a century or two to work out who won and lost.

In depth: pubs must do all they can to claim on insurance policies they have taken out


The real ‘wide area effect’

By Tim Murphy, director of Luddite Brewing Company

We’re the Luddite Brewing Company, our brewpub has been closed due to coronavirus and there seems to be a problem with our business interruption insurance.

Don’t give up easily: Capital Law’s Catrin Povey gives advice on insurance claims

Pubs should push harder on insurance, expert urges

By Catrin Povey

Pubs facing challenges in claiming on their business interruption insurance policies should not give up and simply accept their insurer’s initial denial, writes Catrin Povey who leads Capital Law’s insurance practice.

Stake a claim: Philip Kolvin of Cornerstone Barristers looks at whether insurance companies will pay out


Does your insurance cover you for coronavirus?

By Philip Kolvin QC

With many insurance companies claiming the protection operators took out is unlikely to be valid for a business interruption such as coronavirus, Cornerstone Barristers’ Philip Kolvin looks at whether you are covered or not.

Claiming compensation? ABI has confirmed that there is unlikely to be a new policy cover available for coronavirus currently


Most pubs not covered for coronavirus

By Alice Leader

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has announced that most businesses would not have purchased cover that will protect their loss of trade from coronavirus, even if Boris Johnson forcibly closes doors.

Cover your back: operators are advised to double check their insurance covers coronavirus


Does your insurance cover you for coronavirus?

By Alice Leader

Operators are being warned to check their insurance policies as, despite the Government making coronavirus a notifiable disease, many insurers may not have Covid-19 on their list as it is a new strain of the virus.

Never mind the paperwork, here's the way to get back to running the pub

Professional services

Never mind the paperwork, here's the way to get back to running the pub

By Fiona McLelland

As a pub owner, you want to get on with what you do best... running your pub. You don’t want to worry about paperwork and licensing laws, or struggling to keep on top of the books. We take a look at how professional service providers can help take the...

5 steps to making an insurance claim as a pub owner

5 steps to making an insurance claim as a pub owner

By Business Insure

Pub owners and operators should always ensure they have correctly covered themselves with insurance, lest they be caught unawares by one of life’s many random misfortunes, and left seriously out of pocket. In this article, insurance provider Business...

The recent floods have had a devestating impact on pubs across the country

Pubs hit by flooding must act to minimise disruption

By Sandra Jones

It is perhaps not surprising, due to the attraction of picturesque waterfront locations, that pubs have been particularly affected by the recent flooding.  Publicans are therefore potentially facing significant losses and disruption as a result of the...

Pub insurance advice for licensed premises

Legal Q&A: Insurance for pubs

For any pub or licensed trade premises, insurance is essential. Some forms of insurance are compulsory for licensees and others are optional, though all help in providing financial protection against a wealth of situations. Here are some answers to a...

Flood pubs

Floods could result in pub business failures

By Ellie Bothwell

Pubs damaged by last week’s tidal surge are likely to face business failure due to the impact on Christmas trade, and insurance brokers may soon stop providing flood cover.

pub public liability insurance

Legal Q&A: Accidents inside your pub

By Weightmans

Where do you stand if a customer injures themselves in your pub? In the latest in a series of articles on insurance and legal issues, law firm Weightmans provides the answers.

pub car rally

Wanted: pubs for classic car rallies

By Rob Willock

A classic car insurance company is looking for pubs with large car parks or adjacent fields to host rallies for enthusiasts.

Theresa May: riot help

Riots: website and telephone line launched

By Michelle Perrett

The Government has set up a website and telephone line for businesses seeking compensation for riot damage. Businesses, whose property or premises...

Riots: Uninsured pubs can claim compensation

Riots: Uninsured pubs can claim compensation

By Gurjit Degun

Uninsured pubs and bars affected by looting and vandalism in the widespread riots are eligible for compensation from the police. The Riot (Damages)...

Riots: Licensees urged to contact insurers

Riots: Licensees urged to contact insurers

By Gurjit Degun

Licensees whose pubs have been hit by the riots are being urged to contact their insurance company for advice as soon as possible. That's the advice...

Insurance: vital

Protection money for pubs

By Michelle Perrett

Adequate insurance is absolutely vital for pubs. Michelle Perrett finds out how to obtain the best cover at a good price and avoid the pitfalls.

Coulson: watch out for copyright problems

Keep a close eye on advertising

By Peter Coulson

It was interesting to read last week about the Humberside bar whose burger infringed Burger King's trademark, says Peter Coulson.

Floods hit several pubs again

Funding for flood-hit northern pubs

By John Harrington

A Government-backed body has promised funding to help flood-hit pubs in north-east England. A £500,000 flood relief fund is being offered for firms...