Never mind the paperwork, here's the way to get back to running the pub

Professional services

Never mind the paperwork, here's the way to get back to running the pub

By Fiona McLelland

As a pub owner, you want to get on with what you do best... running your pub. You don’t want to worry about paperwork and licensing laws, or struggling to keep on top of the books. We take a look at how professional service providers can help take the...

Make sure you have all the relevant documentation before making a claim

5 steps to making an insurance claim as a pub owner

By Business Insure

Pub owners and operators should always ensure they have correctly covered themselves with insurance, lest they be caught unawares by one of life’s many random misfortunes, and left seriously out of pocket. In this article, insurance provider Business...

The recent floods have had a devestating impact on pubs across the country

Pubs hit by flooding must act to minimise disruption

By Sandra Jones

It is perhaps not surprising, due to the attraction of picturesque waterfront locations, that pubs have been particularly affected by the recent flooding.  Publicans are therefore potentially facing significant losses and disruption as a result of the...

Pub insurance advice for licensed premises

Legal Q&A: Insurance for pubs

For any pub or licensed trade premises, insurance is essential. Some forms of insurance are compulsory for licensees and others are optional, though all help in providing financial protection against a wealth of situations. Here are some answers to a...

The Harbour Inn's top bar after the floods

Floods could result in pub business failures

By Ellie Bothwell

Pubs damaged by last week’s tidal surge are likely to face business failure due to the impact on Christmas trade, and insurance brokers may soon stop providing flood cover.

Licensees have a duty of care toward guests inside their pub

Legal Q&A: Accidents inside your pub

By Weightmans

Where do you stand if a customer injures themselves in your pub? In the latest in a series of articles on insurance and legal issues, law firm Weightmans provides the answers.

Classic car rallies: pubs are being sought to hold events

Wanted: pubs for classic car rallies

By Rob Willock

A classic car insurance company is looking for pubs with large car parks or adjacent fields to host rallies for enthusiasts.