Brewer response: Heineken has issued a statement in reply to claims it had been relabelling date on beer (stock image)

Heineken responds to ‘relabelling’ keg claims

By Nikkie Thatcher

Global brewer Heineken has responded to claims it had been relabelling kegs of beer that had previously been taken from pubs amid the lockdown to replace, with new best before dates.

Knowledge gap: Make sure you hop on the right line when it comes to improving cellar skills

Cellar skills: banish common mistakes many staff still make

By Georgina Townshend

For some staff, the pub cellar is ‘out of sight out of mind’. But unless you want off ale and ice cream beers, it’s a space that should be treated with respect. The Morning Advertiser (MA) joins a cellar management training course

Declining Market: cask beer sales have fallen 5% in the past six years

The Cask Report 2018

Cask beer sales down 5%

By James Beeson

Overall sales of cask beer have fallen by 5% in the past six years, according to data compiled by the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) for The Cask Report 2018.

Top tips: make sure your beer is served at its best

Exploding beer video goes viral

By Nikkie Sutton

A viral video of an exploding beer keg from a German brewer has prompted the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) chair Buster Grant to give advice on ensuring beer quality.

It's bright: the future of cask beer is strong

Marston’s MD on ‘the cask beer conundrum’

By Nicholas Robinson

Cask brewers may have improved their beer quality over the years, but the on-trade’s openness to flout the rules and sell the product beyond its best condition could spell trouble for the category, according to Marston’s managing director Richard Westwood.

Cellar services: be clean, not mean


Cellar services: be clean, not mean

By Fiona McLelland

Skimping on line cleaning to reduce waste is false economy. As Fiona McLelland explains, there are plenty of ways to keep cellar standards high without compromising profits.

Honey beer maker Hiver says operators must help craft brewers


Small craft brewers ‘priced out’ of mainstream pubs

By Nicholas Robinson

Small craft brewers are being priced out of a beer market that’s made of pints and halves, driven by demand for low price points from operators, the founder of honey beer firm Hiver has claimed.

Craft Beer Co secures site near Gherkin


Craft Beer Co secures site near Gherkin

By James Evison

The Craft Beer Co has announced that the group will debut in the City of London, after securing a site in Mitre Street, in the shadow of the insurance district's landmark Gherkin building.

Pete Brown

Pete Brown on the Cask Report

By Pete Brown

Working in beer often feels like living in a busy, hyperactive bubble - less so now that beer is finally enjoying the mainstream media attention it deserves.

Marston's Fastcask will be licensed to other brewers

Marston's prepares to license Fastcask

By Robyn Black

Marston’s Beer Company managing director Richard Westwood has confirmed that the company is in discussions with rival brewers to license its Fastcask technology, the Publican’s Morning Advertiser can reveal.