Spelman: Labour has let pubs down

Tories: Labour has gutted community pubs

By John Harrington

The Conservatives have accused Labour of letting community pubs "go to the wall" in response to pubs minister's new plans for the sector.

Drink drive limit: could change under Labour

Tories rule out drink drive changes

By Gemma McKenna

The Tories have ruled out changes to the drink drive limit, after a Labour minister said there was "a strong case" for the limit to be reduced. An...

21-year-olds will now get the minimum wage

Minimum wage for 21-year-olds

By John Harrington

Labour Party plans to extend the full adult minimum wage to 21-year-olds will hit pubs hard, trade experts warn. Ministers also announced plans to...

Election 2001

Election 2001

What do the main contenders have in store for the trade?Labour Conservative Liberal DemocratThe Red Tape Group give their perspective on the Election...