Late-Night Levy

Money worries: Islington wants to keep its levy in borough

Islington reviews plans for late-night levy

By Adam Pescod

Islington Council is reviewing proposals for a late-night levy after it emerged that not all of the money raised for policing will end up in the borough.

Late-night pubs and bars could be hit by an EMRO or levy

Get ahead of the game when it comes to EMROs and the late-night levy

By Poppleston Allen

It has been more than two years since the Government announced plans to ‘rebalance the Licensing Act’. I sometimes wonder whether the continual drip feed of consultation papers, draft regulations and partial enactments is deliberate Government policy...

Casinos: on the original list to be exempt from early morning restriction orders, but not after the consultation

Legal: Effects of the late-night levy on pubs

I’m not sure the Government entirely trusts licensing authorities. Or perhaps it’s the lawyers that the Home Office is wary of. Either way, its recently published ‘response to consultation’ on early morning restriction orders (EMROs) and the late-night...

Levy consultation jumps the gun

Levy consultation jumps the gun

A council somewhat prematurely published its consultation document on its proposal to introduce a late-night levy. The consultation document has since been withdrawn, but is it the shape of things to come?

Arun hosts may be spared late-night levy

Arun hosts may be spared late-night levy

By Adam Pescod

Pubs in an area of West Sussex may not have to pay the controversial late-night levy as local councillors believe “it would not be very conducive to business” in the region.

Critical: Brigid Simmonds voices concern over late-night levy

Simmonds: 'Late night levy threatens partnerships'

By Michelle Perrett

The late-night levy poses a threat to greater partnership in the late-night economy, British Beer & Pub Association boss Brigid Simmonds told last week’s National Pubwatch conference.

On patrol: licensing authorities could raise up to £54,000 to fund taxi wardens and marshals

Late-night levy ‘could cost £25m’

By Michelle Perrett

The introduction of the late-night levy (LNL) could cost the industry as much as £25m a year, according to a Home Office consultation launched last week.

BIDs already help create a safe and vibrant late night economy

BID slams late-night levy

By Adam Pescod

The BBPA efforts to stop the Government's introduction of a late-night levy have been supported by the head of Nottingham's BID.

Police: can choose where to spend the levy money

Police in late night levy storm

By Ewan Turney

Police will be under no obligation to spend money raised from the late-night levy on policing the late-night economy in that area, the Publican's...

David Cameron recently said the Government was a friend of the pub but reforms could cost £1m a week

£1m per week for licensing reforms

By John Harrington

The Government's overhaul of licensing could cost the industry up to £1m — per week. The startling costs are outlined in a report from the Home Office this week — as trade chiefs savage the proposals that they say will add massive burdens to pu

Brokenshire: praise for Pubwatch, Best Bar None and PASS

Exclusive: Gov't promises levy flexibility

By John Harrington

Home Office minister James Brokenshire says the Government plans to be flexible when applying discounts for the late-night levy — and promised that...

Alcohol Health Alliance: backing trade on the levy

Health bodies slam late-night levy plan

By John Harrington

A powerful alliance of health campaigners has cast "serious doubts" on the merits of the proposed late-night levy for pub operators. The levy could...

Late-night trade will be subject to a levy

The façade of consultation

By Ewan Turney

The Home Office is hosting consultations as part of its plan to overhaul licensing — but is the Government in listening mood, asks Ewan Turney.

Best Bar None

Call for late-night levy exemptions

By John Harrington

Any venue with Best Bar None or equivalent accreditation should be exempt under the planned late-night levy. So says Noctis, the trade body for...