Liberal Party

Nick Clegg launches Lib Dem manifesto

Lib Dems would act on tax and off-trade

By John Harrington

The Liberal Democrats have promised to tackle cheap supermarket alcohol and review the "ill-thought-out" alcohol tax in their election manifesto. But there's no mention of the beer tie.

Gerry Sutcliffe: plans for exemptions for live music venues remain unchanged

Labour resists radical live music reform

By John Harrington

Labour plans to push ahead with granting live music licence exemptions for sub-100 capacity venues post-election - resisting calls to extend it to...

Corbett (R): welcomed Lib Dem proposals

Fair Pint welcomes Lib Dem pub proposals

By Ewan Turney

The anti-beer tie Fair Pint campaign has given a ringing endorsement of Lib Dem proposals to reform the beer tie. In an exclusive interview with the...