Urgent work: Sometimes no one will be aware that a premises has been operating illegally for years

Licensing Hub – Legal with Poppleston Allen

Beware of insolvency complexities

By Poppleston Allen

We have recently been involved in several cases where the premises licence has lapsed by virtue of the licence holder becoming insolvent or being dissolved.

Can I show the FA Cup final?


Can I show the FA Cup final?

By Poppleston Allen

Next Saturday sees the FA Cup final being staged at Wembley - but it is also live on the BBC, so can pubs show it?

Licensees will need to enclose their existing licence along with the application form

Home Office issues guidance on personal licence renewals

By Ellie Bothwell

The Home Office has published guidance outlining how publicans need to renew personal licences, but has not yet provided the new application form or set a date for when the deregulation of the licences will come into force.

Penalised for being top of the class

By Mike Berry

When was the last time you were penalised for being at the top of the class? Well, that is exactly what appears to be in store for licensees who obtained their personal licences in the early months of 2005, when licence reform in England and Wales was...

Showing films can be a great way to boost profits at your business

Legal checklist: Showing films at your pub

By Poppleston Allen

One way to maximise profits it to provide entertainment at your premises. If you don’t want to go down the route of using live bands, then showing films at your premises is a good alternative, which can appeal to a wide range of customers. Here is a legal...

You must renew your personal licence at least four weeks before its expiry date

6 obligations for personal licence holders

By Poppleston Allen

Once your personal licence has been granted, you should not simply file it under “remember to do something with me in 10 years”. If you are working in the licensed trade and involved in the sale of alcohol, you must comply with certain obligations that...

Keep a check: Make sure you know what is happening to the licence

The importance of safeguarding your pub's premises licence

By Jonathan Smith

It is so important to look after your premises licence. I know that it is an obvious point really, but I have come across two examples recently in practice that illustrate just how easily things can go wrong.

Coulson: 'Check your licence for unnecessary conditions'

How to get rid of surplus conditions

By Peter Coulson

Still on the subject of conditions, I continue to see premises licences with a whole string of requirements, many of which appear to have little or no relevance to the current situation of the pub concerned.


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The Lower Chequer

- Tenancy

The Lower Chequer is tucked down Crown Bank in the quaint town of Sandbach, a thriving market town most well-known for its ancient Saxon Crosses...

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