Living Wage

Heat or eat: Voluntary living wage increases by more than 10% but operators fear rising wage bills could be 'final nail in the coffin' (Credit:Gettygeorgeclerk)

Suggested living wage sees 10.1% increase

By Rebecca Weller

The real living wage has seen its biggest year-on-year increase with more than 390,000 workers across more than 11,000 living wage employers set to receive a pay boost, according to the Living Wage Foundation.

Pub pay: a fair wage for pub staff?

Pub salaries – who gets paid the most?

By Nicholas Robinson

Employment in pubs is at a five-year high, with staff on average paid more than the national living wage. However, the trade still struggles to fill vacancies and some workers can feel short-changed when it comes to salaries

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Casual Dining

National living wage 'could be positive for pubs'

By Nicholas Robinson

Pubs can thrive under the national living wage (NLW) when it comes into force on 1 April, two operators have said, despite dire warnings from other trade leaders who say otherwise.

'Lack of input' on living wage


'Lack of input' on living wage

By Emily Sutherland

The Budget last week threw up an unexpected change to pay packets at pubs. Emily Sutherland finds out what sector bosses think of the implementation of a living wage — which has been introduced after no consultation with the industry.

The vast majority of pub and bar staff are paid below the Living Wage

The pub industry should be paying the Living Wage

By Publican Sam

Today marks the beginning of Living Wage Week 2012, which, will encourage employers throughout the country to bring the poorest paid workers to a pay level above that of the national minimum wage.