Late night levies not impact police crime figures in Newcastle

Late night levies

Crime figures 'not impacted by LNLs'

By Emily Sutherland

Late night levies (LNLs) have yet to have a significant impact on reducing alcohol-related crime, according to figures released by local councils.

Pubs bars EMROs late night levy

Majority of local authorities shun EMROs and late-night levies

By John Harrington

More than three quarters of local authorities have ruled out introducing either an early morning restriction order (EMRO) or a late night levy (LNL) in the near future, while just 1% say they plan to introduce either measure, according to a survey of...

Licensing study: the conclusions

Licensing study: the conclusions

By Jonathan Smith

There were some interesting conclusions from Poppleston Allen’s late-night licensing survey, which you may have seen published recently. Between August and November 2011 we contacted, by telephone, 99% of all the licensing authorities in England and Wales...

Late night levy and EMROs 'unlikely' to be used

Late night levy and EMROs 'unlikely' to be used

By Adam Pescod

Early-morning restriction orders (EMROs) and the late-night levy (LNL) are unlikely to be put into practice because licensing authorities are simply “not excited” by them, according to licensing specialists.