Local Pubwatch Schemes

Milestone reached: Pubwatch is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year

National Pubwatch praised on its 20th anniversary

By Fred A'Court

The National Pubwatch (NPW) has been praised, as it celebrates its 20th anniversary, for the work it is doing in helping achieve a safe and secure environment in all UK licensed premises. 

Pendle council in DBO warning

Pendle council in DBO warning

By Adam Pescod

A local council in Lancashire has sent letters to people banned from pubs in Pubwatch schemes, warning them not to try and enter those premises over the festive period.

Pubwatch: High Court upholds bans

High Court upholds pubwatch bans

By John Harrington

The High Court has upheld the right of pubwatches to ban individuals from their pubs without question — as long as police and councils aren't...