Pub Chef Opinion: How to handle dismayed diners

Pub Chef Opinion: How to handle dismayed diners

By Lesley Foottit

This month’s instalment of the Mystery Dining Company’s series with us raises an important issue — how to gather and respond to customer feedback. The way operators deal with displeased diners can actually have fairly large repercussions.

Coulson: another example of going beyond the intention of the law

Going beyond the law's intentions?

By Peter Coulson

Far be it from me to jump to conclusions, but it may be that sometimes the police use the provisions of the Licensing Act in a slightly dubious way....

OFT: not ruled out action on restrictive covenants

OFT: no systematic failure in pubco model

By John Harrington

The OFT has recognised there may be some individual examples of poor behaviour by pubcos and tenants but there is no "systematic failure".