Long Mixed Drinks

Pickleback cocktail shots go mainstream

Why sweet will be sour in 2014

By Robyn Black

Unlikely as it seems, in an age where sweeter drinks rule, the taste of 2014 will be pickling vinegar.

There are many summer drinks pubs can stock

Choosing long mixed drinks for the summer

By Jessica Mason

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can offer a modern take on a classic. Drinks are no exception to this, and licensees have plenty of options when it comes to reviving old favourites this summer.

Popular Italian tipple launched in UK

Sprizzero heads to UK pubs

By Robyn Black

A new Italian drink is making its way to UK pubs and bars in a move its distributors hope will create a whole new category of drinks.

Diageo and CCE campaign

Giants repeat long mixed drinks drive

By Robyn Black

Following the success of last year's joint campaign, drinks giants Diageo and Coca-Cola Enterprises are joining forces to push long mixed drinks.