Luke Johnson

What's in the news 10 June?

The MA's Review of the Week

Never been a greater need for innovation

By Ed Bedington

The MA's Ed Bedington caught up with Creative Hospitality's Bruno Nunes for his take on the big news this week, from pessimism in the face of the oncoming challenge through to reinvention for survival.

Are pubs able to weather the economic storm?

Are we all doomed?

By Ed Bedington

According to Luke Johnson, we might as well pack up our bags and go home, but are we as doomed as he suggests?

Can the sector survive the economic challenges?

Industry facing 'two years of hell'

By Ed Bedington

The industry is facing “two years of hell” and needs to “batten down the hatches and probably pray” according to one leading sector investor.


Will the pub industry code work? I won’t hold my breath

By Gerry Price

Having bought the freehold of our property from Enterprise Inns last October, we have had to adjust to a slightly different scenario in our business. Times remain very challenging but brewers are so supportive of freeholders it makes life seem better.

Johnson: taken stake in Draft House

Johnson's Draft House investment

By Mark Wingett, M&C Report

Luke Johnson, the serial restaurant investor, has taken a substantial minority stake in Draft House, the three-strong London-based pub concept...