Minimum Wage

Pay up: the Low Pay Commission has been urged to 'take caution' when increasing statutory wage rates

BBPA urges restraint on minimum wage increases

By Claire Churchard

The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has urged the Low Pay Commission (LPC) to “take caution in increasing all statutory wage rates in April 2019” as pubs face a tough trading period.

Pub pay: a fair wage for pub staff?

Pub salaries – who gets paid the most?

By Nicholas Robinson

Employment in pubs is at a five-year high, with staff on average paid more than the national living wage. However, the trade still struggles to fill vacancies and some workers can feel short-changed when it comes to salaries

Wave of cost rises: After an expensive year, it's worth setting aside time to prioritise cost management

Cost cutters: ways to reduce the 3 biggest pub costs

By Claire Churchard

As pubs battle ever-rising overheads and the ongoing uncertainty of Brexit, The Morning Advertiser looks at the three main costs for pubs and outlines some ways to cut them down to size

'Greatest expansion': Theresa May will unveil 11 pledges as part of the Conservative manifesto

General election 2017

Tory party pledges ‘greatest expansion’ of workers’ rights

By Georgina Townshend, Claire Churchard

The Conservative Government has pledged to initiate “the greatest expansion of workers’ rights” by any Tory leadership in history if the party wins next month’s general election, affecting pub employers large and small.

Negotiations: Brexit could bring opportunities says BBPA's Brigid Simmonds

Brexit is an opportunity for the pub sector

By Michelle Perrett

There are "potential opportunities" with Brexit but there will need to be negotiations to protect overseas staff, warned Brigid Simmonds, chief executive of the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA). 

Scottish pubs are struggling with drink-driving regulation and increases in business rates

Scottish pubs struggling with legislative burdens

By Michelle Perrett

Drink-driving legislation and rising business rates are the biggest challenges facing pubs in Scotland, new research from the Scottish Licensed Trade Association has revealed.

Disagreement: JDW boss Tim Martin doesn't think the BBPA is correct in its predictions


2017 predictions: JDW boss slams BBPA Brexit warnings

By Nikkie Sutton

JD Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin has hit back at BBPA chief executive Brigid Simmonds following her claims that Brexit and its consequences will be the main challenge for the sector next year.

Wage proposal: trade bodies pleased with pay structure recommendation

Living Wage

Trade bodies welcome plans to abandon £9 living wage

By James Wallin

Trade bodies for the hospitality sector have welcomed recommendations from the Low Pay Commission, which confirmed the abandonment of the £9 political figure for the national living wage (NLW) by 2020.

Warning: the ALMR are warning of another two-year lag following Article 50 trigger next year


ALMR issues warning for licensees leading up to wage increases

By Nikkie Sutton

The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) is calling on the Government to delay the Apprenticeship Levy and advising licensees to increase efficiencies in their labour ahead of the minimum wage increase next month (October).

Brexit EU referendum pubs analysis

EU Referendum

Brexit analysis: "What happens now?"

By Oli Gross

The EU referendum was characterised by extreme promises, warnings and exaggerations from both the ‘remain’ and ‘leave’ camps. Now many in the industry are worried about will happen to the thousands of EU nationals that keep the sector running day in,...

Is new PM Theresa May good or bad for pubs?

Is new PM Theresa May good or bad for pubs?

By Oli Gross

Incoming prime minister Theresa May has been heavily involved in alcohol-related issues during her time as home secretary, and the industry is digesting if her appointment will be a good thing for pubs.

Simmonds on beer taxation

Future Trends: Beer and Cider

Simmonds to set out BBPA’s plans to boost pub trade

By Nicholas Robinson

British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) chief executive Brigid Simmonds will set out the organisation's strategy to lobby the Government and help pubs and breweries boost income in the face of increasing costs.

Living wage study: Higher prices and cheaper overheads unsustainable

Institute for Public Policy Research

Living wage study: Higher prices and cheaper overheads unsustainable

By Oli Gross

The national living wage (NLW) has had a disproportionate impact on low-wage hospitality sectors and encouraged employers to offset costs by reducing overheads, according to a study from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR).

A rise in sales expected for Q2

Food and drink sales up in first quarter

By Nicholas Robinson

Food and drink sales in the UK’s foodservice sector hit £10.8m for the first quarter of this year, up 2.3% year-on-year, according to Horizons.

Sustainable Restaurant Association managing director, Mark Linehan:

Casual Dining

National living wage 'could be positive for pubs'

By Nicholas Robinson

Pubs can thrive under the national living wage (NLW) when it comes into force on 1 April, two operators have said, despite dire warnings from other trade leaders who say otherwise.