Rum: more than a shot in the dark?

Rum: more than a shot in the dark?

By Daniel Woolfson

Certain styles of rum are steadily entrenching themselves as major players in the spirits game, but uneven consumer demand for different styles of rum has made recent years turbulent for the category. Daniel Woolfson asks how operators can capitalise...

Meat-free dishes accounted for 31% of new menu items across the eating-out sector


Flexitarian diets set to rocket in 2016

By Nicholas Robinson

The popularity of flexitarianism is set to reach new heights in 2016, following recent figures from consumer analyst Mintel that showed 35% of Brits now identified as ‘semi-vegetarian’.

Pub visits customers dirty toilets Mintel research

Dirty toilets top pub deterrent for customers

By Mark Wingett

The expectation that higher prices is one of the leading pub deterrents is not borne out by new research, which shows that high food and drink prices (24% and 35% respectively) fall behind several other factors when it comes to consumers choosing to visit...

Beer market suffers £2.2 billion decline

Beer market suffers £2.2 billion decline

By Adam Pescod

The beer market has suffered a £2.2 billion fall in revenue since 2006, according to the latest figures from market research experts Mintel.

Coffee: market worth £976m by 2014

Coffee sales are on the up

By Lesley Foottit

Coffee sales are on a high and forecasters expect the market to grow up to 25% and hit the £976m mark by 2014. The research by Mintel shows that...

Soft drinks: customers think they are paying too much

Customers 'resent' price of pub soft drinks

By John Harrington

Resentment of soft drinks prices in pubs has reached "critical mass", with 63% resenting paying so much when they are so much cheaper in shops....

Binge drinking is on the decrease

Binge drinking on the decrease

By Ewan Turney

The appeal of binge drinking amongst young people is on the decrease, according to a new survey. A Mintel study showed that the number of 18-23...

Men: Health warnings pointless

Men: Health warnings pointless

By Ewan Turney

Almost 60% of men think that health warnings on alcoholic drinks are a waste of time. Research from Mintel shows that only two in five men (40%)...

Wet-led pubs at risk from smoke ban

Wet-led pubs at risk from smoke ban

Almost 2m adults go out less since the smoking ban, according to new consumer research conducted by Mintel. The survey predicts a tough time ahead...



is everything In the second of a new series, Simon McQuiggan and Pete Brown say despite claims that theme pubs are out of vogue, the concept will...