Mobile Phone

Empowered: How can offering phone charging services benefit your pub?

How phone charging can boost trade

By Emily Hawkins

Several pub companies are addressing a demand for phone-charging facilities because research shows some customers decide whether to stay or leave a venue based on whether they can charge devices.

Pubco power: customers will not be able to charge their phones behind the bar of JDW pubs

Would you let customers charge their phones behind the bar?

By Nikkie Sutton

Following national reports that JD Wetherspoon (JDW) has banned customers from charging their phones behind the bar of its pubs, The Morning Advertiser spoke with licensees about their policies on the issue.

Debate: how do mobile phone affect the pub?

Bar Talk

Are mobile phones 'horrible for atmosphere' at pubs?

By Nikkie Sutton

Following on from Hove bar the Gin Tub installing a Faraday cage in their ceiling so mobile phone signals are unable to enter the site, this week’s bar talk asks licensees what they think of mobile phones in pubs.

No signal: the Gin Tub, Hove, East Sussex is a signal dead-zone


Licensee: “Mobile phone users like smokers”

By Nikkie Sutton

A bar in Hove, East Sussex has installed a Faraday cage in the ceiling of the venue to block mobile phone signals, meaning customers have to go outside to make a call.