National Minimum Wage

Hospitality wage increases: inflation likely to erode benefits (Credit: Getty/Klaus Vedfelt)

Surge in chefs’ wages

By Rebecca Weller

Hospitality has been one of few sectors to have seen pay increases in keeping with inflation, but the cost-of-living crisis is likely to erode the benefits, according to Indeed Hiring Lab.

Wage push: the increase is the smallest rise in recent years (image: Getty/xur82)

NLW rise comes into effect

By Nikkie Thatcher

The increase in the national living wage (NLW) and the national minimum wage (NMW) takes place from today (Thursday 1 April).

Government rule: workers benefit but pubs have to pay the wages

Licensees may make sacrifices over wage increases

By Alice Leader

While workers will receive a greater reward for their hard work through upcoming national living wage (NLW) and national minimum wage (NMW) increases, could this put pressure on operators in a time of great economic uncertainty?

Workers underpaid: the BBPA said there are difficulties with national minimum wage payments

Revolution Bars Group underpays workers

By Emily Hawkins

Revolution Bars Group were among more than 200 employers that had not paid staff the correct wages, according to Government findings.

Time to raise our game across the pub board


Time to raise our game across the pub board

By Ed Bedington

The Chancellor’s decision not to extend rate relief for a further year was a nice kick in the teeth for the trade, and just in time for Christmas too!

Pubs urged to pay staff living wage

Pubs urged to pay staff living wage

By Mike Berry

A Devon licensee who is paying her staff the living wage has called on other pubs to help change the trade’s reputation as a low-pay sector.

HMRC isn’t afraid to name and shame pubs paying peanuts

National Minimum Wage - what you need to know

By Adam Bernstein

HMRC is naming and shaming pubs, hotels and restaurants that pay below the national minimum wage. The PMA looks at recent changes and how this may affect your business


Will pubs pay the price of a minimum wage rise?

By Mike Berry

Could you afford to pay your staff an extra 69p per hour? Doesn’t sound a lot, does it really? The equivalent, say, of shifting a few extra bags of crisps or selling a few extra pints throughout the course of the day.

ALMR calls for freeze in national minimum wage

ALMR calls for freeze in national minimum wage

By Michelle Perrett

The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) is calling on Government to freeze minimum wage rates in 2013 as the industry can ill afford further cost increases.