Cultural change: 'pubs and restaurants have made headlines consistently over the past nine months, but the incredibly serious, potentially existential crisis, facing night clubs doesn’t seem to be penetrating the zeitgeist in the same way'


Night clubs 'unfortunate, unnoticed casualties' of coronavirus

By Stuart Stone

While the existential crisis facing night clubs hasn’t occupied as many column inches as the plight of pubs, a number of sector stakeholders believe that lights out for late nights out would change not just the complexion of the hospitality sector, but...

Time to talk: Portman Group chief executive John Timothy saysd he wants to kickstart a

Safe spaces play a vital role in night-time economy

By Stuart Stone

According to a new report by MAKE Associates, safe spaces play a key role in alleviating pressure on police resources and local accident and emergency departments and could return over £100m per year to the NHS.

Who's going to take you home tonight? The potential loss of Uber could affect London pubs

Uber ban could be a threat to London's pubs

By Georgina Townshend

Millions of people who use Uber in the UK's capital after a night down the pub could find their ride home missing, after Transport for London (TfL) informed the company it would not be issued with a private hire operator license after its current...

Vibrant city: London Mayor Sadiq Khan has plans to improve night life in the capital

London mayor’s 24-hour vision aims to boost night-time economy

By Claire Churchard

Pubs in the capital can expect to receive a boost in trade as Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has pledged he will plan for the city’s nightlife in the same way he does for daytime activities, as part of a newly launched 24-hour vision for London.

Plans backed: Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is keen to protect pubs

ALMR supports London mayor’s 'agent-of-change' stance

By Georgina Townshend

In response to Sadiq Khan’s consultation on culture and the night-time economy, which recognises the importance of protecting London’s pubs, the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) has said the 'agent-of-change' principle should...

Questions: The NTIA and Deltic Group are representing the late-night sector at the review


Night Tube and Fabric up for discussion at Licensing Act review

By Liam Coleman

Creating a night-time economy that suits local residents, the Night Tube's impact on London and the effect of pre-loading on crime are all up for discussion at the next session of the House of Lords review of the 2003 Licensing Act.

Five ways to improve the night-time economy

Night-time economy

Five ways to improve the night-time economy

By Liam Coleman

"Sometimes I’ll start seminars with a game of word association and when I say night-time economy, often what I’ll get back is binge drinking or crime and disorder," Philip Kolvin QC tells the PMA ahead of the release of his report on how to...

Amsterdam's night-time mayor Mirik Milan has been successful in the city


Can a 'night mayor' save London's pubs?

By Emily Sutherland

It’s no secret that London pubs, and particularly pubs that play live music, are under serious pressure from development.

Licensees hit out against Camden LNL

Licensees hit out against Camden LNL

By Emily Sutherland

Two Camden-based licensees have hit out against proposals to introduce a late night levy in the borough, arguing the levy will burden businesses in the area.