Noise Abatement Notice

Noise enforcement will probably start with a letter from the ENHO

Top tips on handling noise enforcement notices

By Poppleston Allen

If you run a pub that provides entertainment and there is noise escaping from your premises you may face enforcement from the local authority’s environmental health noise officer, perhaps in addition to any licensing enforcement by way of review. Licensing...

The key to dealing with noise issues is to deal with complaints rather than ignoring them

How to... Handle noise complaints

By Poppleston Allen

You have owned and traded your premises for a number of years. On weekend nights in particular you rely on promoted DJ events to entice people into your premises. During the years when this has been going on you have never had a single complaint from...

'Noise complaints could increase with new legislation', says Peter Coulson

Noise controls sure to rise

By Peter Coulson

Last week on these pages I wrote that noise complaints were the ‘top hit’ in my electronic postbag. So they are, and my prediction is that the situation will get worse if there is any relaxation in licensing rules on entertainment, as proposed by the...

Coulson: residents have a right to complain about noise

Noise debate still a hot issue for pubs

By Peter Coulson

Noise isturbance was likely to be a key issue when local authorities took over licensing and it's been made worse by the smoking ban, says Peter Coulson.

Couslson: appealing against noise abatements worth it

The everlasting threat of noise

By Peter Coulson

An abatement notice is a potent weapon in a local authority's armoury because the threat it poses is more or less everlasting, says Peter Coulson.

Legal surgery

Legal surgery

Graeme Cushion, partner at licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen, answers more of your food legislation questions Q I own a busy pub/restaurant on...