Alcock: electric shock treatment for pub trade

'Oldham pub sanctions a success'

By John Harrington

Oldham Council's "electric shock treatment" of licence reviews and the threat of tough sanctions has led to a revival in the night-time economy....

Supermarkets: pile it high, sell it cheap

Supermarkets demand Oldham meeting

By John Harrington

Supermarket chiefs are calling for an "urgent meeting" with Oldham council about its new crackdown on the off-trade. As the Morning Advertiser...

Post Office queues: one of Oldham's plans

Councils deny following Oldham

By John Harrington

Three councils deny reports that they're meeting officials in Oldham to examine the authority's hard-line approach to licensing. Oldham continues to...

Protz: good cheer doesn't impress Panorama

Life through a distorting lens

By Roger Protz

The BBC's Panorama programme on Oldham's drinking scene was no better than tabloid television, says Roger Protz.

Post Office queues are under consideration in Oldham

Trade fear over spread of Oldham pub plans

By Ewan Turney

Council officials from Bury, Burnley, Manchester, Portsmouth and St Helens are all to visit Oldham to hear about the measures they are taking to curb promotions. The news seems to play out the trade's fear that the harsh proposals will spread.

Paul Charity

Real danger of all-inclusives

By The PMA Team

The BBC's Panorama report on Oldham's binge-drinking problems pointed the finger at the supermarkets — but the on-trade isn't entirely blameless

Mess House

Host wins Oldham test case

By Tony Halstead

Oldham licensee Patrick Kelly has defeated an attempt to force hard-line restrictions on trading that are being sought throughout the town. Blanket...

Smith: BBN plans forging ahead

Oldham cancels six licence reviews

By John Harrington

Oldham has cancelled licence review hearings at six bars that it expects will "voluntarily" agree to new restrictions on trading. The council had...

Pubs would have to pay for police during promotions

Oldham hits all its bars with reviews

By John Harrington

Trading standards have ordered licence reviews of all 22 pubs and clubs in central Oldham to force draconian restrictions on trading — including...