Hints and tips on tackling the threat drugs pose to your business - picture credit: Thinkstock

Practise due diligence on drugs

By Poppleston Allen

Customers taking or dealing drugs in your premises represent more of a threat to your business than just reputational or the potential for crime and disorder.

Staying clear on smoking rules

Legal advice

Staying clear on smoking rules

By Poppleston Allen

All manner of pub-related topics were discussed by the various political parties in the run-up to the General Election but of particular interest was UKIP’s proposal to amend the smoking ban to allow pubs to introduce smoking rooms.

The location and type of fire safety equipment must be clearly shown on your premises plan

Legal checklist: Licensed premises plan

By Poppleston Allen

When was the last time you looked at the plan of your premises attached to your licence? Remember that the plan forms part of that licence, and certain prescribed elements always have to be shown on that plan. If you change the location of those prescribed...

Pubs and bars should be extra vigilant over the Christmas period, particularly at night

Christmas security advice for pubs and licensed premises

By Steve Williams

Licensees should be vigilant about crime prevention in the lead-up to Christmas. This time of year the number of criminals targeting licensed premises increases but good security does not have to cost a fortune.

'Anything goes': Peter Coulson thinks new Act could put more strain on licensed trade

The limits of responsibility

By Peter Coulson

There is really nothing new in licensing. I see that a great fuss is being made in certain circles about a recent case concerning noise from departing customers.

Coulson: recommends a sense of perspective

Untangling a mandatory mess

By Peter Coulson

This week the House of Lords finally got around to examining the new mandatory conditions for licensed premises, says Peter Coulson. In my opinion,...

Time customers must leave QIn this area the police have said that only half an hour is allowed for people to remain on the premises after "time" has...

Changes of address Q We have recently moved pubs in the same district. The premises licence is held by the same brewery. In all the pressure of the...

Smoked out?

Smoked out?

Speculation over the impact of a smoking ban on the leisure industry is increasing, as companies consider how to overcome the proposed changes, says...