Premises Licence

Annual fees and the Police Reform & Social Responsibility Act

Annual fees and the Police Reform & Social Responsibility Act

By Jonathan Smith

The change introduced by the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 (PRSRA) from 25 April which will affect each and every licensed premises, is the power for licensing authorities to suspend premises licences or club premises certificates for...

M&B wins licence conditions case

M&B wins licence conditions case

By Michelle Perrett

Mitchells & Butlers (M&B) has won a ground-breaking appeal against a premises licence condition that would have forced it to fit ‘privacy shields’ to hand-held PDQ machines at the Goat in Clapham, London.

Coulson: room for manoeuvre

Residents drinks issue is here to stay

By Peter Coulson

News of the proposed link-up between Travelodge and some pub groups may bring up the whole question of drinks for residents again.

Coulson: change of use can take a long time

Change of use for retirement

By Peter Coulson

To retire and use your pub as a home and not a business, you need to arrange change of use from commercial to residential, says Peter Coulson.

Coulson: more pressing issues than airport test purchases

Airport ops with a sting in the tail

By Peter Coulson

Peter Coulson explains why airport bar operators do not need a premises licence, after the issue was raised following sting tests at Gatwick Airport.

Minimum price plans in Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough plans minimum prices

By John Harrington

Council chiefs in Middlesbrough are threatening to review licences of shops and pubs selling alcohol below 50p per unit. In a novel move,...

Coulson: warning licensees to record all promos

Precautions for promotions

By Peter Coulson

Issuing diktats to licensees in an uncompromising way is not good regulation, says Peter Coulson.

Coulson: urging licensees to be clear on licensing law

Law changes: lifting the bar on old rules

By Peter Coulson

I read recently about a pub polling station, but there are strange prohibitions concerning the use of pubs for official business, says Peter Coulson.

Coulson: against Licensing Act change

Government's offence overload

By Peter Coulson

The Government is increasing the number of "relevant offences" under the Licensing Act that cause objection to an applicant, says Peter Coulson.

Coulson: calls for licence change

More time for grieving families

By Peter Coulson

The second change in the new consultation regarding TENs is a long-standing problem, which I first wrote about at the time of the Act.

Coulson: hopes climate of fear will be turned around

Losing the war over proof of age

By Peter Coulson

The Home Office is winning the propaganda war that the fault for underage drinking lies with the trade, says Peter Coulson.

Coulson: concern over councils asking for objections

Egging on the council objectors

By Peter Coulson

It is a slightly worrying trend when licensing officials become directly involved in "generating" licensing objections, says Peter Coulson.

Coulson: understaning with police is ingrained in system

Damocles' sword threatens hosts

By Peter Coulson

Various police forces and local authorities are taking their own ideas and just going ahead, says Peter Coulson.

Coulson: village hall changes

Step forward for communities

By Peter Coulson

The Department for Culture, Media & Sport measure aimed at helping village halls and community centres to allow alcohol sales at events, says Peter Coulson.

Coulson: responsibility of premises licence holder clarified

H&W case clarifies legal responsibility

By Peter Coulson

Last week's High Court victory for Hall & Woodhouse has clarified the position on the direct responsibility of the licence holder for offences committed by others, says Peter Coulson.

Coulson: it would be costly to have two measures on Optic

Getting the measure of it

By Peter Coulson

Putting together a code of practice, is clearly not as easy as it looks, especially if you are a civil servant with only a vague grasp of the licensing laws, says Peter Coulson.

Coulson: be cautious

Have I got news for you?

By Peter Coulson

If ever there was a time to take precautions, it is now, when the Government is about to tighten up the law specifically directed at the holders of premises licences, says Peter Coulson.

Coulson: who owns the pub's beer?

Whose beer is it anyway?

By Peter Coulson

There is an interesting legal argument raging at the moment about who actually sells the beer in a pub, says Peter Coulson.

Coulson: insolvency means losing your licence

Lapse of licence under section 27

By Peter Coulson

The economic downturn has thrown up some legal traps in the licensed trade recently, principally in terms of the premises licence itself, says Peter Coulson.

Coulson: rules for resisting

Rules for resisting

By Peter Coulson

Peter Coulson looks at the "requirement" that the designated premises supervisor (DPS) should give a written delegation to all staff allowing them to sell alcohol.

Horse & Jockey: a resident asked for a licence review

Outside smoking banned at pub

By John Harrington

A licensee has been ordered to refuse service to customers who smoke on the street outside her pub. This message must be carried on signs at the...



Later time for drinks Q. One of the reasons we are losing trade is that the nearest pub to us regularly stays open after the hours the licensee was...



Licence after bankruptcy Q. I want to take over a pub, but I am a recently discharged bankrupt. Will there be any problems with the licences or with...

Presence of DPS Q We have been told that our premises licence requires that alcohol may only be sold when there is a designated premises supervisor...

Consent not obtained QCan you clarify the legal position when we apply for a transfer of a premises licence and the outgoing holder has refused to...

Displaying a premises licence Q At long last I have got my premises licence. Is it this that has to be displayed in the bar, and where exactly must...

AWP machines and licences Q Concerning your article last week, I thought that the right to have two AWP machines was bundled with the premises...

Staff receiving a caution QI have just found out that one of my evening staff was cautioned last month for serving someone underage. She didn't tell...

TEN for bar in council's hall Q I have a colleague who holds a personal licence. He has been asked to run a bar for an event at a hall owned by the...

Child labour in pubs QWe own our own pub and our eldest child, aged 14, would like to help out behind the bar on an occasional basis. We saw a news...

Changes of address Q We have recently moved pubs in the same district. The premises licence is held by the same brewery. In all the pressure of the...

Eject with care Q I have been told that you can still use force to eject someone from a pub but a friend in the trade has said that I could be in...