Progressive Beer Duty

Breweries unite for small beer relief reform

Breweries unite for small beer relief reform

By Sara Hussein

Small and medium-sized breweries have called on the Government to review the small breweries’ relief (SBR) scheme to ensure a “vibrant and sustainable” future for the brewing industry.

Moorhouse's pub company sales

Moorhouse's turnover rises 18%

By John Harrington

Moorhouse’s, the Lancashire brewer and pub operator, saw sales continue to rise last year, with turnover up 18% to £4.5m in the 12 months to 30 September 2012.

Theakston: Profits up 7.5%

Pre-tax profits rise 7.5% for Theakston

By John Harrington, M&C Report

Theakston, the North Yorkshire brewer, saw pre-tax profits rise 7.5% to £1.45m last year, despite seeing its duty bill increase to 48.3% of gross turnover.

Cask ale: local brewers are thriving

Craft brewers back VAT cut to 5%

By Ewan Turney

Britain's craft brewers have thrown their weight behind the MA's campaign to cut VAT to 5% for the hospitality sector. The call came as the Society...

Row erupts over Progressive Beer Duty

Row erupts over Progressive Beer Duty

By John Harrington

Angry family brewers say the Government must scale back the generous tax breaks that are helping smaller brewers steal their market share. They also...