Rethink: SBPA says a pubs code in Scotland would cost jobs, investment and opportunities

SBPA warns against proposals to introduce a pubs code in Scotland

By Georgina Townshend

The Scottish Beer & Pub Association have called for a "rethink" on the proposed bill which would establish a pubs code in Scotland, saying that if successful, it would "cost jobs, investment and opportunities, while punishing tied-pubs...

Islington Council late-night levy

Islington takes a step closer to introducing late-night levy

By Noli Dinkovski

Islington Council appears a step closer to implementing a late-night levy (LNL) at tomorrow night’s (27th February) decisive public meeting, after it emerged that its licensing committee had already approved the proposals.

Punch Taverns debt restructure

Sides clash over Punch debt restructure

By John Harrington

Punch Taverns executive chairman Stephen Billingham and a committee representing senior Punch noteholders have clashed over the process of the company’s debt restructure.

City of London late-night levy

Industry criticises City of London's late-night levy proposal

By Ellie Bothwell

Industry figures have spoken out against the City of London Corporation’s proposal for a late night levy, demanding further research must be undertaken and warning that a fee may undermine existing licensing policy.

Blackpool EMRO

Trade urges rethink over Blackpool council's EMRO plans

By Ellie Bothwell

The pub trade has urged Blackpool council to rethink its plans for an early morning restriction order (EMRO), saying it will “devastate” the town’s tourism economy and create a “flashpoint” for violence.

EMROs action plan

Action plan for tackling EMROs

By Poppleston Allen

You have heard from a reliable source that your licensing authority may shortly be consulting on whether or not to introduce an early-morning restriction order (EMRO). What should you do? Our action plan lays out suggested steps.

ALMR and BEDA to merge

ALMR and BEDA to merge

By John Harrington

The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) and the Bar Entertainment & Dance Association (BEDA) have announced plans to merge, creating one trade body representing more than 140 retailers operating more than 11,000 outlets.

Beware the spectre of PPL charges

Beware the spectre of PPL charges

By Paul Wigham

You may have seen the PMA recently regarding the view that PPL’s proposed charges are likely to remain at recommended levels. This follows press articles about the process, including the large sums raised by the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers...

Councils are pushing for higher licensing fees

Councils push for higher licence fees

By John Harrington

Local councils are pushing for reform of alcohol licence fees in a way that could ratchet up costs for pubs. Town hall lobbyists say fees should...

Tap water: pubs must provide it free of charge to customers

DCMS and DEFRA opposed free tapwater law

By John Harrington

Two Government departments opposed the requirement for pubs to provide free tap water to customers, as proposed by the last Government.

Alcohol Health Alliance: backing trade on the levy

Health bodies slam late-night levy plan

By John Harrington

A powerful alliance of health campaigners has cast "serious doubts" on the merits of the proposed late-night levy for pub operators. The levy could...

Coulson: councils are in charge

Councils hold all the aces

By Peter Coulson

It would appear that the Home Office is not engaged in a debate about the merits of proposed changes to the Licensing Act.

Paid for policing: Brighton scheme will not go ahead

Brighton pub policing scheme dismissed

By Lesley Foottit

Council proposals to force late-licence pubs and clubs in Brighton to pay for extra policing have been dismissed by the Government. Brighton and...

Merger means brewery may close

InBev to close Mortlake brewery

By Ewan Turney

InBev UK is set to close its Stag brewery in Mortlake, London by 2010 — the site was acquired through its recent merger with Anhesuer-Busch.