Sound system: operators must ensure they are fully licensed for music (Photo by Richard Clyborne of MusicStrive)

PRS licence reminder following pub ban

By Ed Bedington

Operators are being warned to ensure they are fully licensed to play music in venues after one licensee was hit with a bill for £3,200 and banned from playing music.

Ex-licensee to pay PRS £9k in damages

Ex-licensee to pay PRS £9k in damages

By Gurjit Degun

A former licensee of the now-shut Remix Bar in Woking, Surrey, will have to fork out £9,000 in damages to PRS for Music for failing to have a licence to play music for two years.

Bar 95: lap-dancing venue

Pub contests £12K PRS charge

By Adam Pescod

A Buckinghamshire licensee has been drawn into legal proceedings with the Performing Right Society (PRS) over "incredible charges" levied upon him by...

PRS tariff: confusing for pub trade

Time to tune in to PRS tariffs

By Peter Coulson

The Performing Right Society tariff known as LP is for pre-arranged ticketed events and is not a pub tariff, says Peter Coulson.