Pub Companies

Charity: pubcos who choose to increase prices are taking the cynical route to growth in the current climate

Beer price rises are a test of character

By The PMA Team

Pubcos can't keep pushing through wholesale prices — the sustainable way forward is through innovative retailing, says The PMA Team.

Darby: mediation achieved a lot

Pub mediation achieved a lot

By Alastair Darby

Mediation achieved more than you might think. Here's the view of Alistair Darby, managing director of Marston's Pub Company. Fair Pint, the ALMR,...

What would life be like if Fair Pint got its way?

What would free-of-tie pub life look like?

By Mark Stretton, M&C Report

While the leased pub industry is focused on resolving its issues through mediation, perhaps it is time to at least consider the possible scenario of life without the tie, writes Mark Stretton.

Kemp: trade must work together

Ex Punch boss: don't play the blame game

By Deborah Kemp

We can only solve the trade's complex problems by working together, says former head of Punch leased division Deborah Kemp. Why, you might ask, do I...

Insolvency rate has begun to slow in pub scetor, says PwC

Pub insolvency rate begins to slow

By Ewan Turney

Insolvency rates for pub companies appear to have slowed in the last three months — a total of 80 pub companies filed for insolvency.

The agent

The agent

Chris Whirledge, Pub Innsite What is meant by the term "hard barrels"? I'm sure you'll be thinking that it bears some relation to health and safety...

Business Opinion

Business Opinion

By Andrew Andrea

As the industry continues to change and face new challenges, pub companies have to be more flexible, says Marston's Andrew Andrea

Word of advice

Word of advice

Michelle Perrett offers tips on how to invest your money in the right pub.People often dream of being a landlord and running their own pub. The...

Price problems

Price problems

With beer prices on the rise once again, licensees are being forced to foot the bill. However, both the brewers and pub companies insist it is not...

Flexible friends

Flexible friends

With the leasehold market set to grow further, moreflexible deals are now available to tempt prospective licensees. Tony Halstead reports It's a sign...

ALMR's perfect ten

ALMR's perfect ten

It's a decade since a group of small pub operators decided to form the ALMR. Kerry Rogan went along to the 10th birthday celebrationsTen years ago...