Pub Companies

The OFT has warned the Government about consequences of intervening in the pub market

Statutory Code: OFT warns Govt on pubco intervention

By John Harrington

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has warned the Government that plans to intervene in the tenanted pub model could lead to higher rents for tenants and higher prices for customers.


Pubcos must stop this beer-price escalator

By Rob Willock

The tenanted pub companies have been putting their houses in order (literally and figuratively) in recent years. None but the most one-eyed of pubco critics can deny that — though I will doubtless, as ever, receive plenty of abusive trolling on social...

Pub operators urged to review e-cigarettes

Pub operators urged to keep policies on e-cigarettes under review

By Phil Mellows

Anti-smoking campaigners are urging pub operators to keep their policies on electronic cigarettes under review as controversy grows around the devices – which deliver nicotine without burning tobacco and produce vapour rather than smoke.


Vince Cable: "In too many cases tenants are being exploited and squeezed"

By Vince Cable, Business Secretary

Pubs are a significant part of our national heritage, and the Government is keen to support pubs and the pubs sector. One key industry issue over the last decade has been concerns about the fairness of the relationship between large pub companies and...


Statutory code consultation: Make your voice heard

By Rob Willock

And so the consultation on the statutory regulation of the pub industry begins — as these things usually do — with a couple of lengthy documents. They’re worth reading. The Government has produced a pretty comprehensive assessment of the state of the...