Pub Governing Body

Peter Luff of Pub Governing Body warns tenants to complain now

Pubs code

Tenants warned: complain now or go unheard

By Emily Sutherland

The head of the Pub Governing Body (PGB), Sir Peter Luff has told tenants to ‘complain now’ or risk issues with their pubco going unheard.

What now for self-regulation of the pub sector?

What now for self-regulation of the pub sector?

By Noli Dinkovski

In introducing its plans for a pubco statutory code the Government insisted self-regulation had failed. However, with legislation still a distant target how does this ‘discredited’ system fill the gap and will it still have a role to play alongside  a...

PICA-Service panel members

PICA-Service recruits 13 new panel members

By Ellie Bothwell

The Pubs Independent Conciliation and Arbitration Service (PICAS) has recruited 13 new panel members to sit at hearings, following an extensive selection process that began with a call for volunteers in the Publican’s Morning Advertiser.