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Trade fears: ALMR says health legislation should not hit pubs

ALMR: obesity solutions should not burden operators

By Nikkie Sutton

The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) has reiterated its message that the trade is keen to help tackle childhood obesity but without the burden falling on licensees.

Health: initiatives to reduce the strength of wines and beers has already been introduced


Trade voices wade in on health and licensing objectives

By Nikkie Sutton

Licensing objectives emerged as the new front line in the looming war over the health of the nation, as experts from all sides gave evidence during a parliamentary hearing. As the heat rises, trade experts have now added their views. Nikkie Sutton reports.

Fears pubs could become victims of council

Licensing proposal

Fears pubs could become victims of council "public health creep"

By Oli Gross

Proposed new licensing guidance from Camden council has led to fears that pubs will become victims of an unprecedented “health creep” resulting in operators increasingly responsible for the well-being of customers.

Nine in 10 councils want more powers to curb pub openings

Nine in 10 councils want more powers to curb pub openings

By M&C Allegra

Nine out of 10 councils want to the Licensing Act to be strengthened to “help curb the saturation of communities with pubs, clubs and off-licences selling alcohol”, according to the Local Government Association.

The impact of public health in the licensing process

Legal advice

The impact of public health in the licensing process

By Poppleston Allen

The Government is anxious for public health authorities in England and Wales to be more involved in the licensing process following their establishment as a responsible authority in 2012.

Last month the UK Government shelved plans to introduce the measure

Welsh Government to 'seriously consider' minimum pricing

By Ellie Bothwell

Wales could implement its own policy on minimum alcohol pricing, the Welsh Government has confirmed, after health minister Mark Drakeford admitted he was “disappointed” by the Coalition’s lack of action on the proposal.

Pubs should be wary of growing local authority power

Pubs should be wary of growing local authority power

By Poppleston Allen

The Local Government Association (LGA) and Alcohol Research UK recently co-authored a document entitled Public Health and Alcohol Licensing in England, essentially a briefing note for councillors and council officers, highlighting the fact that public...

Reflections on the death of Griffith Edwards

Reflections on the death of Griffith Edwards

Griffith Edwards died last week. He wasn’t exactly famous, except within alcohol policy circles, but as one of the intellectual pillars of what I term medical temperance his influence and ideas shape the politics of drinking today, from the nature of...

Mellows: 'Expecting retailers of alcohol to take responsibility for public health is simply absurd'

An absurd objective – public health and the licensee

By Phil Mellows

Unless I missed something the three alcohol licence applications refused by Edinburgh Licensing Board at the end of last month are the first examples of a local authority invoking Scotland’s fifth licensing objective – the obligation on licence holders...

Mellows: against the welfare state

Myths of the individual and the nanny state

By Phil Mellows

Phil Mellows says the Government is going about the UK's drinking problem the wrong way and we need to tackle the conditions in which people live.

Drinkaware-funded Fistral Blu Cafe in Cornwall

Trade 'should fund' health plans

By John Harrington

Health secretary Andrew Lansley wants the industry to help fund local initiatives to make people healthier. He has urged more private sector funding...

Pile it high, sell it cheap: supermarket policy under fire

Fife pub targets supermarket licences

By Lesley Foottit

A licensee who applied to have the alcohol licence of three supermarkets revoked on the grounds of public health has had his case rejected by Fife...



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