Roger Protz

Educational: there are a huge range of books about for sale about beer

Six beer books to help educate your bar staff

By James Beeson

Last week, the Campaign for Real Ale released its 45th edition of the Good Beer Guide. The guide contains 4,500 of the “best real ale pubs in the UK” and information on every real ale brewery currently operating and its key beers.


Isn’t it time beer writers took their heads out of the sand?

By Robert Sayles

Is it my imagination or are many beer writers a little bit detached from reality? The reason I say this is because their obvious reluctance to mention let alone write about the enormous white elephant sitting in the middle of the room is a little puzzling...

Protz: put off the blogosphere

Roger Protz: beer and the brickbats

By Phil Mellows

As CAMRA's Good Beer Guide 2011 is published, editor and MA columnist Roger Protz has a pint with Phil Mellows to talk about battling big brewers and...



Drink-drive law is hard on rural pubs I read your publication every week, and I have to say that I often find the views of Roger Protz to be rather...



Where there's a will there's a way Re: Roger Protz's article "Breaking the silence" (MA, 21 February 2008). On the assumption that Government will...

Buyouts and co-ops 'could save brewers'

Buyouts and co-ops 'could save brewers'

By Tony Halstead

The Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) has called for management buyouts and the formation of co-operatives to stop more regional and family breweries from closing.