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Alcohol anxiety and the Scottish Effect

Alcohol anxiety and the Scottish Effect

Scotland, or at least the Scottish Government, is proud to find itself at the cutting edge of global alcohol policy. The decision to pioneer minimum unit pricing is a symbol of that, as much as a practical measure.

Scotland: test arena for minimum pricing

SNP prepares for minimum pricing

By Michelle Perrett

A minimum pricing law could be introduced in Scotland as early as April next year, following the landslide victory of the Scottish National Party...

Scotland: supporting local produce

SNP aims to promote homegrown pub produce

By Lesley Foottit

The Scottish National Party has announced plans to grow and promote its pubs' and restaurants' use of local produce in its new manifesto.

Scotland: alcohol restrictions

MSPs reject pub promos ban but fears remain

By John Harrington

MSPs have rejected new restrictions on pub drinks promotions in Scotland but paved the way for the controversial social responsibility fee and...

Scotland: minimum pricing defeated...again

Scottish minimum pricing bid fails

By Michelle Perrett

Plans by the Scottish National Party to introduce a minimum 45p price per unit on alcohol has failed. It was voted down by 76 to 49 for the third...

Supermarket booze: is 45p the magic figure?

Scots want minimum price of 45p/unit

By John Harrington

The Scottish Government has proposed setting a minimum price of 45p per unit, claiming it will mean 50 fewer deaths in the first year.

Scotland: minimum price could be on the way

Scots could trial minimum price

By Ewan Turney

A controversial minimum price on alcohol scheme could be run in Scotland on a trial basis, the health secretary said.

Amendment is a victory for campaigners

Pub disability law passed in Scotland

By Ewan Turney

Anyone applying for a premises licence in Scotland will have to state what they've done to abide by disability discrimination laws, after an...

Servings: Scots wanted restrictions

Scots ditch measures plan

By John Harrington

The Scottish Government has abandoned plans to force pubs to serve wine in 125ml servings, says trade chief Patrick Browne.

Protest held yesterday

Diageo job cuts could cost economy £15m

By Ewan Turney

The closure of the Johnnie Walker bottling plant in Kilmarnock could cost the local economy £15m a year, the Scottish finance minister has warned....

MacAskill: not a popular character at the moment

MacAskill angers pub trade over holiday

By Ewan Turney

Under fire Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill has now angered the pub trade by taking holiday just days before the new regime is set to go live.