Temporary Event Notices

Legal Q&A: TENs and the '499' people rule

Licensing law

Legal Q&A: TENs and the '499' people rule

By Poppleston Allen

This week's legal Q&A includes information on complying with Temporary Event Notices - as well as negative 'vetting' of incidents that may cause a licence review.

EMRO Harrow Council

Harrow Council cancels EMRO

By Ellie Bothwell

Harrow Council cancelled its early morning restriction order (EMRO) hearing, due on 10 October, thereby terminating the EMRO process.

Music gigs: One of the many events that may require a temporary event notice

Six things pubs need to know about temporary event notices - TENs

By Poppleston Allen

We all know what the basic limits are for temporary event notices (TENs). Simple, right? Not necessarily — when the ravenous monster that is the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act (PRSR) came into force, some things changed for the better and...

Don't miss out on TENs over Christmas

Warning over Christmas TENs

By Tony Halstead

Licensees planning special Christmas and New Year celebrations have been urged to apply for Temporary Event Notices (TENs) as quickly as possible....

Sutcliffe: aims to simplify Licensing Act

New plans to ease licensing red-tape

By John Harrington

Making it easier to secure temporary events notices, and extending the notice period after a licensee dies, are proposed.



Breach of licence QThere is a shop in this village which had an off-licence under the old law. They have now taken to putting out tables and chairs...



Husband and wife food team Q We run a successful outside catering business for which I obtain, when required, temporary event notices (TENs) in...

MP rubbished  for TEN claims

MP rubbished for TEN claims

By Graham Ridout

Claims by a Liberal Democrat MP that pubs are abusing the Licensing Act over temporary event notices (TENs) have been rubbished as inaccurate and...