Trading Standards

Fake booze: What's inside is not always what it says on the outside

9 tips for spotting fake booze

By Poppleston Allen

As pub owners or operators, you might not consider your premises to be on the radar of the regulatory authorities in same way as the off-trade. But trading standards, the police, and HMRC regularly carry out spot-checks of bars, pubs and restaurants on...

ID check: Pubs have taken their eye off the ball

Pub standards slip on underage sales

By Michelle Perrett

Publicans have taken their eye off the ball over underage sales as the sector reported the worst test-purchasing pass rates in two years during 2011.

Trading Standards found pubs were serving short measures

Pubs serving short pint measures

By Ewan Turney

Nine out of ten pubs in Birmingham are serving short measures of pints of beer, according to Trading Standards. In a survey of 30 pubs, Trading...

Brulines: LACORS and Trading Standards ruling

No stamp required for Brulines equipment

By Ewan Turney

Beer flow monitoring equipment from Brulines does not require a Weights and Measures stamp. That's the finding of Trading Standards and Local...

Mess House

Host wins Oldham test case

By Tony Halstead

Oldham licensee Patrick Kelly has defeated an attempt to force hard-line restrictions on trading that are being sought throughout the town. Blanket...

Dickson: confident beer tie is legal

Brulines working with Trading Standards

By Ewan Turney

Brulines is working with Trading Standards to establish steps to improve the calibration of its equipment, the beer flow monitoring company has said....

Tender trap: Yorkshire hosts have been caught out

'Family' trap for underage cig sales

By Tony Halstead

Licensees are being caught out by new-style entrapment tactics employed by trading standards officers to target underage tobacco sales. Officers are...