Vat Cut

Is the pub sector too resilient?

Are we victims of our own tenacity?

By Ed Bedington

The pub sector has always been something of a survivor, adapting and rolling with the punches thrown at it, but are we now finding ourselves the victims of our own tenacity?

Are pubs fighting for support?

No time to sit on our hands

By Ed Bedington

And so, with screaming tyres and a whiff of burning (or is that hypocrisy), the Government has yanked on the handbrake and skidded us 180 degrees out of the pandemic.

VAT Club Jacques Borel hospitality campaign

VAT campaign

VAT Club proposes staggered tax reduction

By Mark Wingett, M&C Allegra Foodservice

The hospitality VAT cut campaign has put forward a plan to the Government for a staggered reduction in the level of the tax for hospitality businesses.

Government rules out VAT cut for hospitality sector

Government dashes hopes for tourism VAT cut

By John Harrington

The Government has “no plans” to introduce a VAT cut for the tourism sector, according to Treasury minister David Gauke, who also said reducing VAT to 5% for catering services could cost the Exchequer between £9bn and £10bn per year.


Lobbying for a VAT cut? Time for a reality check

By Andrew Griffiths

Say it ‘ain’t so Andrew?” wrote the Publican’s Morning Advertiser’s esteemed editor when I expressed doubts about the prospects of the campaign to cut VAT to 5% for the hospitality sector. “Oh, why have you forsaken us Andrew? What do you know that I...


VAT campaign: Say it ain’t so, Andrew

By Rob Willock

Fresh from our successful crusade against the hated beer-duty escalator (I received my campaign medal from Hobgoblin last week), a confident pub industry can turn its collective attention to the next battleground.

‘Use VAT to combat cheap drinks’

‘Use VAT to combat cheap drinks’

By PMA Team

Trade leaders have urged the Government to use VAT as the lever to level the playing field with the cheap supermarket deals and combat binge drinking rather than follow Scotland’s lead on minimum pricing.

Stars sign up to PMA's VAT cut

Stars sign up to PMA's VAT cut

By Michelle Perrett

Thrive on 5 — the Publican’s Morning Advertiser (PMA) campaign to get VAT cut to 5% — received a celebrity boost this week.

Refusal: Treasury will not support VAT cut

Treasury rules out cut in VAT

By Michelle Perrett

The Treasury has refused to consider a VAT cut to 5% for the hospitality industry, claiming the "fiscal challenge" is too great. David Gauke MP — claimed there was no "compelling evidence" for such a cut.

Thrive on 5%: support grows

CAMRA backs 5% VAT

By Michelle Perrett

The Campaign for Real Ale has put its weight behind Thrive on Five, the PMA's campaign to get VAT reduced to 5%.

Darling: not a friend of the pub trade

Chancellor raises duty on alcohol...again

By MA team

In a move labelled "staggering", Chancellor Alistair Darling has announced another increase in duty on alcohol and tobacco to off-set a cut in VAT in his Pre-Budget report.