Britvic plans to put fizz back in market

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Britvic aims to produce a range of soft drinks specially tailored to the on-trade by the end of this year.The range will have its own packaging and...

Britvic aims to produce a range of soft drinks specially tailored to the on-trade by the end of this year.

The range will have its own packaging and be based on intensive research carried out among pub customers.

As part of the research, people will be sent into bars with cameras on their heads to determine the most effective merchandising of soft drinks.

Britvic, the UK's second largest soft drinks company, hopes the range will raise consumer expectations of what they can drink in a pub and help drive an under-exploited sector.

The UK market was worth £7billion last year, a rise of three per cent despite a poor summer hitting sales and sparking a price war among manufacturers. The more profitable on-trade accounted for half the figure.

"Aggressive pricing took value out of the marketplace and that doesn't do anyone any good," said Britvic marketing director Andrew Marsden.

"We want to put value back, and that will pay off for retailers too."

Recent research among off-trade consumers was already shaping Britvic's £120million marketing support this year, which will include a record £14million behind Tango.

It will include the launch of two new flavours and new 3-D effect packaging across the range.Tango Tropical, a carbonated blend of pineapple and grapefruit, will compete against Coca-Cola Schweppes' Lilt from April and will be followed by a contender in what Britvic has vaguely identified as the "unique" sector.

Perhaps more significantly for the adult-biased pub trade, Britvic intends to throw more weight behind the diet versions of its flavoured carbonates.Tango brand manager Lucinda Semark pointed out that while diet colas account for about half the cola sector, for other carbonates it is closer to a quarter.

"We shall put diet on a level playing field with regular, both in terms of advertising and promotions, to counter the myth that diet means a weaker flavour."

Diet versions of the Tango range are being repackaged with a more aggressive lilac background colour and are to get a new flavour formula.

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