Bass gives Hooch new adult flavour

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Bass has unveiled a new look and a new flavour for Hooch in a bid to move away from the brand's alcopop heritage.The range of flavoured alcoholic...

Bass has unveiled a new look and a new flavour for Hooch in a bid to move away from the brand's alcopop heritage.

The range of flavoured alcoholic beverages (FABs) will be labelled Vodka Hooch in order to clearly communicate the alcohol content of the drink, which remains at five per cent ABV.

Hooper's Hooch, as it was originally known, was one of the first alcopops, but has recently lost ground in the face of new drinks linked to premium spirit brands such as Bacardi Breezer and Smirnoff Ice.

Bass had already replaced the cartoon lemon on the label in a move towards a more adult image.Hooch still sells more than one million bottles per week and commands more than 20 per cent of the FAB market.

Hooch bottles have been redesigned, with Bass hoping the clear glass bottles will reveal the attractive colours of the different flavours and give "additional shelf standout".

Existing flavours lemon, apple, orange and Hooch Light will be joined by Hooch Tropical, which combines vodka with a blend of passion fruit, orange and exotic fruits.

Bass believes the new flavour, available from late March, will be especially popular in the summer.Stuart Cain of Bass said: "People like the reassurance of drinking different flavours within the Hooch range and the introduction of Tropical gives people a choice for most moods and occasions."

Cain added that Hooch Grapefruit would be discontinued because consumers found it "too challenging".

  • Still alcoholic fruit drink Reef has been given new packaging by Bass. The brand's wide-necked bottle is to be replaced with a longer, slim-line necked version for improved presence, crowned by an electric blue cap.
    Reef, which combines vodka with still orange and passion fruit, is currently growing at 14 per cent per annum.
    Bass will be spending £1million on the brand this year.

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