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The following article is brought to you by Coca-Cola. Are you missing out on the lunchtime opportunity? It's time to take a closer look at your...

The following article is brought to you by Coca-Cola.Are you missing out on the lunchtime opportunity? It's time to take a closer look at your competitors and identify what today's customer really wants!Only one in 100 staff drink beer or wine in their lunch break - (Eurest Lunchtime Report - 2002)​Success at lunchtime is about giving customers what they want - and the fact is that very few of those customers want alcohol in their lunch break. Clearly, pubs need to find a different offer if they are going to pull in the crowds. So how can you go about getting your lunchtime offer right?The answer is... do some research!Understanding your customers​Winning customers is about finding the right combination of quality, convenience, price, and choice to attract your target customers. Take a close look at your area and the businesses in it. Who are the staff and what are their likely tastes and budgets? Will they want a "healthy eating" option? How much time do they get for lunch? What are their choices? The more you know about your area ad the people in it, the easier it becomes to create an attractive and profitable offer. Target your offer​Once you've looked at the competition, it's time to tailor your offer to the needs of your potential customers. Try to make all parts of your service consistent with the tastes and budgets of the people you are targeting. And remember, what they want may vary on different days of the week.Check out the competition​Your competitors for lunchtime business aren't just other pubs and cafés. Potential customers are also spending their lunch money with:

  • supermarkets
  • high street chains
  • coffee shops
  • sandwich bars
  • office canteens
  • fast food outlets
  • petrol stations

Here's some tips to bear in mind

  • Fast service - busy customers don't have time to be kept waiting
  • Value for money - create your own "meal deal" - a sandwich and a soft drink for example
  • Think healthy - fashion and health conscious people won't pack away chips every day - give them a healthy option like a low-calorie dish and a diet Coke
  • Good vibes - your décor and approach need to connect with the customers you want to attract
  • Soft drinks choices - being able to present and serve soft drinks well in comfortable surroundings is one of your real competitive advantages. Research shows that soft drinks are also the source of 11 per cent of your profits (Culture - 2002)
  • Friday specials - one day of the week where your offer might well include the choice of a glass of wine, beer or soft drink with a meal
  • Keep on top of the competition - when you find a winning formula, it's tempting to sit back and just enjoy your success. Don't! There are always new competitors coming and going, and businesses moving in and out of the area so stay on top of those changes and keep your offer fresh and exciting.

Key messages

  • Understand your customers and what they are looking for
  • Understand your competitors and their offers
  • Target your offers at your customers bearing in mind the need for food and soft drinks.

Soft drinks as a percentage of profits

percentage of profit

Draught lager


Packaged beers


Spirits and PPS


All other draught


Soft drinks




Games and machines




Source: Retail Pub Estate Confidential

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