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The following article is brought to you by Coca-Cola.Selling opportunities don't just occur at the bar itself. Permanent but always up-to-date...

The following article is brought to you by Coca-Cola.

Selling opportunities don't just occur at the bar itself. Permanent but always up-to-date displays and promotions materials throughout your venue are a boost for business and a real help for your customers.

If customers don't know what's on offer, they won't know what to buy...

Imagine a motorway with no road signs. Most of us wouldn't know where to go. It's the same for customers in your bar. Surprisingly few of them have decided their drink before reaching the bar - and some of them never go to the bar at all. That's why smart display throughout your pub, club or venue can be so profitable - it's the ideal opportunity to influence customer choice in the direction that suits you.

Here are a few key facts:

  • Up to 70% of customers do not know what they are going to order before they get to the bar

31% of customers do not visit the bar

34% of customers are influenced by point-of-sale materials

(Culture Marketing - 2003)

That adds up to an awful lot of people who are open to persuasion - and there are lots of ways to get your message across...


These don't have to be just behind the bar where competition for space is fiercest. Look around for areas where an attractive display will make an impact


A pavement A-frame is a great way to draw attention to a special offer


Quick and easily maintained and a good way to reach people not actually coming to the bar

Menus and Table Talkers

Persuasive, easy to use and great for customers who are ordering from the table or who do not visit the bar.


Make sure your staff are aware of major promotions and make use of them to boost sales

Branded Glassware

Away from the bar, branded glassware is a valuable merchandising tool. Brands are very important to consumers and providing the correct glasses goes a long way in raising the image of your bar.

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has developed the 16oz Georgia Green Glass that mirrors the original "Coca-Cola" bottle - ideal for adding value to large dispensed servings.


A spirit and branded soft drink mixer is one of the most profitable serves in most bars. Effective merchandising is an excellent way to encourage their sales.

CCE is leading the way in developing the future of mixers within the on-trade - demonstrated by a £12m investment and supported in pubs and bars by branded merchandise.

Top Tip for Maximum Impact

Keep your displays fresh! Customers soon get used to a display and after a while it will cease to have much effect. Regular changes maintain the interest level and ensure results at the till. Dusty, half-forgotten displays will do nothing for you - professional and up-to-date point of sale items will.

Key Messages

  • Identify areas where you can create the most impactful display
  • Keep your materials fresh and up to date
  • Raise your bar image by using the correct branded glassware

"Coca-Cola", "Coke", "diet Coke" and "diet Coca-Cola" are registered trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company. "Schweppes" and the 196 graphics are trademarks of Atlantic Industries

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