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Leading supplier Enodis answers your equipment questions

I'm looking to find replacement equipment for my steamer and convection oven and I've been told that a combi-oven will do the job of both devices - is it also true that you can cook fried products in a combi-oven?

As pub food has transformed into posh nosh and customers are offered more than the traditional cheese and pickle or ham sandwich, it has become necessary to re-think kitchen equipment to deliver extended menus.

I would recommend a combi-oven to the adventurous pub chef every time. Combis can bake, broil, roast, grill, steam, stew, poach and fry to perfection, powering even the most challenging menu. For products that are traditionally fried - from wontons to scampi - the combi steamer produces crisp, tasty products. Combis come in all shapes and sizes to fit the smallest kitchen footprint, and are available in gas, electric and LPG options.

Convotherm now offers the world's first "advanced closed system" as standard. As the name suggests, a closed system has no vents. This ensures there is no temperature fluctuation within the cavity, creating a vacuum as moisture is drawn down through a water chamber, to produce crisp, evenly-browned food. The closed system will cook food faster, creating amazing results, particularly with green vegetables such as asparagus, sugar snaps and broccoli. They emerge from the combi exactly the same colour as they are put in, and are of superb quality, thanks to the de-moisturising properties of the system.

The Convotherm range also incorporates the unique patented 'Disappearing Door' as standard. This means that when open, the door folds neatly to the side of the oven - a huge bonus in smaller kitchens. And there's no cool-down phase which means the oven is ready to use again straight away.

Keith Russell, development chef, Enodis UK Food Service Group

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