Mulholland launches crowd-funding election page

By Emily Sutherland

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Mulholland launches crowd-funding election page
Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate and pub campaigner Greg Mulholland has launched a crowd-funding page to raise funds for his re-election battle.

Mulholland has urged licensees to donate via the website to help him raise £3,000, to be spent on leaflets, phone calls and further campaigns for stronger planning laws and reduced beer duty.

The page has already drawn support from pub campaign groups Planning 4 Pubs and Protect Pubs, who promised to buy those who helped Mulholland a beer.

Mulholland said: “I’ve been touched by all the messages of support I’ve had from licensees across the country and I’ve also received offers of donations, so we set up a crowdfunding to allow pub licensees and pub campaigners to help if they want to.

“I can’t rely on large donations from big businesses or trade unions. Crowdfunding gives lots of people the chance to make small donations which all add up, as well as being more democratic.”

Crowdfunding raises money by asking a large number of people for small contributions.

Self-styled ‘Pub Champion’ Mulholland was named the MP PMA ​readers would most like to represent the trade at Westminster. The Lib Dem candidate successfully steered the recent pubs code legislation, including the market only rent clause, through parliament earlier this year and has been an active campaigner for pubs throughout his time as an MP.

Mulholland has been the MP for Leeds North West since 2005, winning a comfortable majority in the last election. 

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Concerned, in a Marginal

Posted by Robert Feal-Martinez,

In the article, free beer is being offered to support Mr Mulholland. He doesn't have to be the one making the offer. He or hi agent just have to know about it.

We don't see a reply Tweet from Mr Mulholland advising Protect Pubs, they can't do that. And yes he does use Twitter.

As for UKIP/SNP Coalition hell would freeze over first. UKIP are anti EU, not anti UK Union.

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Hardworking MP

Posted by Concerned, in a Marginal,

Many constituents would do well to have a hardworking MP such as Greg - and not only in pub-related matters. I wish him well in his campaign and look forward to his re-election. Crowd-funding seems a novel way of raising funds - and hardly a scandal, compared to the means by which the rapacious pubcos suck money out of hard-working licencee families. And I have every confidence that Greg would be following the necessary Rules. Where does any mention of "inducement" come from? PC Bob FM for Attorney-General in the UKIP/SNP Coalition?

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Dave M

Posted by Robert Feal-Martinez,

I'm sure a simply search would have found this for you.

David once again because you don't like facts you event a retort. However bizarre it may sound that is the law.

Karl clearly I know much more than you do. As I said it is the law.

I posted the link to avoid the stupidity of others but clearly that didn't work.

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