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Your prayers have been answered...

By SA Brains

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Your prayers have been answered...
Have you heard the good news? One of the best kept secrets in brewing – The Rev. James – is getting ready to spread the word far and wide with a new look and two exciting new variants.

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The Rev. James already has a devoted following in its native Wales, where the full-bodied ale (4.5%) has proved popular with discerning drinkers who believe that taste is everything.

Named after one of the founders of Buckleys Brewery, it is brewed from an original recipe found in an 1885 recipe book. The original ale has a rich, warm taste, and comes with a clean and rewarding finish. It also manages that rare feat of being full of character while at the same time never being too over-powering, heavy or dark.

Famed for its rich, subtle and aromatic taste, The Rev. James is perfect with Sunday roasts, nutty dishes and other traditional hearty fare and sits happily alongside both traditional ales and contemporary craft beers.

But the times they are a changing and the Cardiff-based Brains brewery has given The Rev. James a makeover to bring him into the 21st​ century. Rest assured, the traditional dark amber ale still tastes as good today as it first did back in 1885, but it now comes with a more contemporary clip design, label and bottle to help introduce the ale to a new generation and help to communicate the richness of its flavour.

Publicans will also now have the additional option of two new variants. In the light corner sits a 4.1% golden ale, The Rev James Gold, which has the crispness of a golden ale, but also has all the richness and depth you would expect from a traditional British ale.

Combining Buckleys yeast and Cara malt, the new light ale will have a refreshing and mellow edge, which is perfect for long summer evenings and contemporary Craft audiences.

And in the dark corner, Brains is also proud to launch a rye variant (4.3%), which will appeal to Craft lovers everywhere. The new darker variation, The Rev James Rye, has been brewed once again with Buckleys yeast and also with rye crystal malt to help give it a more of a craft beer taste. The rye ale is a subtle spin on a classic recipe, which will add extra depth to The Rev. James family.

A full range of promotional items, including drip mats, bar runners and posters will also be made available to remind everyone that The Rev. James is still quenching thirsts..

The look may have been updated, but the central message remains the same. The Rev. James offers a taste revelation and bridges the divide between regular traditional and contemporary craft ales. Whether it’s the Original fine ale, or the new Gold or the Rye variants, your prayers have just been answered. 

Famed for attracting a loyal audience wherever it goes, the Original fine ale is currently being trialled at a select number of pubs outside around England. The Original ale has lost of none of its appeal and Brains are confident that The Rev James will be a welcome addition to any establishment. The Rev James Original is a beer that speaks for itself and next month we’ll be talking to people to the publicans themselves who have been tasting this legendary ale for the first time. The days of The Rev James being a “best kept secret” are coming to an end. It’s time to testify.

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