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MRO gains traction in Scotland

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The Pub Advisory Service has pledged to help Scottish pubs follow England’s lead in introducing a market rent only option for tied tenants.

Paul Waterson of the Scottish Licensed Trade Association said: “The tied model is as broken in Scotland as it was in England and Wales. We’re not talking about a handful of tenants-1,000 Scottish businesses are negatively affected.

“And the feedback from those affected Scottish businesses is already extremely clear: 99% of tenants want protection against tied pubs; 74% of affected Scottish publicans feel worse off; 96% believe paying a reduced rent doesn’t merit the extra cost on tied products and services.”

Support for MRO in Scotland recently came from the Scottish Tourism Alliance, whose chief executive Marc Crothall said: “All hospitality businesses in our country - without exception - should have the opportunity to purchase and sell Scottish products. We therefore support any action that removes barriers or restrictions to that happening.    

“Pubs and licensed premises are an important part of Scotland’s hospitality and tourism offering - but many would now appear to be disadvantaged compared with their counterparts across the rest of the UK.”

Scottish landlords are already fighting more restrictive drink-driving laws, which pub giant Greene King recently blamed for a ‘tough’ financial year. Some licensed premises are reporting as much as 10% drop in drinks sales following the new legislation. 

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Robert L

Posted by ken nason,

Whilst what you say regarding the duties of yourself and your wife as directors of your company is it not also the same directors who knowingly and willingly signed away that right to negotiate in the first place?

That being the case then surely the same campaign needs to be waged in Scotland as in England to bring in an MRO option.

Of course there seems to be a somewhat funny idea of "independence" going around of we want our own laws but we also want what is given in England.

Come on Scotland, break the umbilical cord for once and for all. Think and act for yourselves.

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Not Just Tied

Posted by Robert Feal-Martinez,

I know of three Free Houses that would not be in existance if it wasn't for their letting rooms and their close proximity to HMS Clyde/Faslane.

As has been said the rules created by the Scottish Parliament are far more draconian than the rest of the UK.

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Scottish Parliament must end this injustice now

Posted by robert lockard,

I am a tenant with PUNCH TAVERNS, I have been for over 10 years I am one of many hundreds of tied licensees who dont have a voice.Yes Pubco's glorify them self's by referring to us in the media as their ( PARTNERS ) what a joke. In what other industry are partners not invited to the negotiating table.In the ten years l have with Punch l have crossed their greedy palms with 1 million or more pounds yet as i post this comment l have little or nothing left to show for the 60/70 hours a week l put in. As a director of a limited company as is my wife is it not my legal duty to source the best possible prices to allow my business to make a profit and so help it to flourish and keep staff in employment,? yes it is, but thats an impossibility when im being forced to pay over 50% more than i would on the open market. Surely this is legalised extortion so i ask you openly Nichola Sturgeon and your business minister end this INJUSTICE now give us the support we need.

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