Glutton's paradise: belt-bursting pub food challenges

By Daniel Woolfson

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The "Fantastic Four" burger, available upon request from the Anchor, Faversham
The "Fantastic Four" burger, available upon request from the Anchor, Faversham

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Reckon you’ve got what it takes to get in the ring and go toe-to-toe with the Mike Tyson of pub grub? We compiled a list of some of the most gloriously excessive pub food challenges putting customers' iron stomachs to the test...

1. The Fantastic Four Burger @ the Anchor, Faversham

This monster contains three cheese-stuffed burgers, a full rack of barbecue ribs, spicy chicken wings, foot long sausages, onion rings and chips served in a ciabatta about the length of a cat. Oh, and it also comes with enough salad to feed a family on. It costs £30 and must be pre-ordered a day before your attempt.

The Double Knuckle challenge: not for the faint of stomach

2. Double Knuckle challenge @ Octoberfest Pub, Fulham

This one’s for the pork-inclined daredevils out there: two slow roasted pork knuckles served on a bed of chips, salad and sauerkraut with a stein of Lowenbrau lager are on offer for £35 at this German-style London pub. Get it down you within 45 minutes on your own and you’ll win a free stein glass and your picture on the pub’s wall of fame.

naga chilli
Image courtesy of Red Dog Saloon

3. Naga Chilli Viper challenge @ Red Dog Saloon, Hoxton

A small portion of chicken wings you say? Ha. Well, these chicken wings are coated with sauce made from the Naga Viper chilli, one of the hottest on the planet. It’s so hot you have to sign a waiver before you eat anything. Add to that the fact that you’re not allowed to consumer any liquid to alleviate the searing pain for five minutes after you finish the wings and you’re in for some serious turmoil. Successfully complete the challenge and you win the pity of your fellow diners and a potential trip to the hospital.

4. Nelson’s Column @ the Lord Nelson Inn, Brighton

So far no one has yet been able to stomach this beast of a burger. Three beef patties, 12 rashers of streaky bacon, six slices of cheese, three slices of tomato, half an iceberg lettuce, five giant onion rings, half a kilogram of coleslaw, four gherkins, two brioche baps and a healthy side helping of 1lb homemade chips. It’ll set you back £30, but if you can manage to consume the unholy mountain of food it’s on the house and you’ll go home with a free t-shirt. However, if you accept any help with the challenge, fail to clean your plate within an hour or throw up during the meal you’ll waddle home empty handed like so many before you.

This photo of Coach & Horses is courtesy of TripAdvisor

5. Trash Can challenge @ Flaming Grill sites across the UK

Flaming Grill Pubs pride themselves on their eating challenges and the Trash Can challenge is surely the most intimidating, even for a seasoned over-indulger. It includes a massive rack of ribs, a towering mixed grill burger, a barbecue pulled pork nacho sundae, more than enough onion rings to make you sweat grease for the next three days, a fried chicken skewer, corn on the cob and a double helping of baked beans to add insult to injury. And in case that wasn’t enough it’s accompanied by a triple portion of chips. The whole thing is served in a trash can lid, as that’s how you’re likely to feel after (presumably) failing to master this behemoth of a challenge - absolutely rubbish. But fear not, it’s reasonably priced at £19.99 for your ordeal. If you finish without having a heart attack you’ll get a certificate and your picture on the pub’s “wall of flame”.

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