Camden publican bars 'hypocrites in cardigans' following ACV nomination against his will

By Emily Sutherland

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Owner Steve Coxshall branded the community group as hypocrites
Owner Steve Coxshall branded the community group as hypocrites

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A Camden pub owner angered by his pubs asset of community value listing has branded the community group who nominated it ‘hypocrites in cardigans’ and barred them from the venue.

According to the Camden New Journal​,  Steve Coxshall from the Duke of Hamilton barred the Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum after they nominated his pub as an ACV against his will, and said the community group rarely use the pub - and only order half pints if they do.

Coxshall told the Publican's Morning Advertiser​: "My issue is that if a publican wants to sell an asset and they have three buyers, they have to ask those buyers to wait six months while the community decides if they're going to buy it. In those six months anything could happen-there might be an economic downturn, the market might change, interest rates might change. Things move extremely quickly in this industry. Hampstead Forum have provided no proof in the pudding-another local pub is up for sale and they haven't tried to buy it.

"I'm all about protecting pubs but this mocks the industry."

On Twitter, the pub said: “800 members (of the community group) and none of them drink here nor have they supported my theatre. I know all my customers, who are the real heroes.”

It also accused the community group of being ‘busy bodies poking their nose into people’s business.”

Coxshall has now threatened to turn the pub into a strip club following the listing. 

The Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum had planned to follow Otley’s lead and blanket list all 12 pubs in the area, but according to the Camden New Journal​ are now listing the pubs on an individual basis after underestimating the amount of work involved.

At the PMA’s​ recent roundtable event​ on asset of community value listings, voices from across the industry urged the Department for Communities and Local Government to create clearer and more robust guidance around ACV listing, to help both communities and property owners.

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