7 pieces of kitchen equipment pub chefs can’t live without

By Nikkie Sutton

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A chef's needs: vital must-have kit for cooks
A chef's needs: vital must-have kit for cooks
Good-quality kitchen equipment can make pub chefs' jobs a lot easier or harder, and The Morning Advertiser takes a look at what they can’t be without.

Knives and sharpeners

Knives including a chef’s knife, serrated knife and a paring knife are the tools for everyday use so it is crucial chefs find knives they are happy and comfortable using. Choosing the best knife for the job is needed and knives have to be kept sharp at all times.

Clothing including shoes

Good-quality chefs' whites, designed for working in the kitchen environment alongside safety shoes are something chefs can’t live without.

Pots and pans

A great-quality selection of pots and pans is important to a pub’s kitchen, including a variety of sizes. Pots and pans with a thicker bottom tend to work well in a professional kitchen.

Kitchen aid

Essential for pastry work, kitchen aids need to be strong and durable to last in a busy workplace. They are also available in a multitude of sizes.

Chopping boards

A variety of different coloured chopping boards has a place in every kitchen to help prevent cross-contamination.

Kitchen utensils

From whisks to spatulas, spoons, peelers and everything in between.

All these utensils mean chefs can do their job well.

Food processor robot coupe

Time is something that can quickly disappear for those who work in a kitchen but a processor makes a lot of jobs quicker to do.

It can complete jobs such as grating, slicing and mixing and can manage large quantities of preparation work quickly too.

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