9 problems only pub chefs will understand

By Nikkie Sutton

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Sleep deprived: pub chefs have to work unsociable hours
Sleep deprived: pub chefs have to work unsociable hours

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Pub kitchens are stressful places with lots of yelling, sweltering heat and a whole load of other pressures. But there are a few things that can really get a chef's back up.

From hot environments to team members touching things that don't belong to them, there are many problems pub chefs have in the kitchen, but here are nine of just about the worst.

1. Friends complaining about their nine-to-five job

Oh, your life is so hard. You get to go home at 5.30pm. Do an eight until eight then and come back to me.

2. People rearranging the kitchen

Everything has its place, don’t change things. I would have moved it myself if I wanted it moved.

3. Not wanting to cook outside of work... ever

Why bother when the local takeaway knows you by name?

4. The role of the chef's knife

No one understands how important a chef’s knife is. It is one of a chef’s most treasured possessions. Hell hath no fury like a chef whose knife has gone missing. Or worse, if someone else dares to use it.

5. Customers asking for changes on every dish

So, you would like the macaroni and cheese with a tomato sauce instead of the cheese sauce?

6. Sweaty creases

The summer months are the worst, but a sweaty posterior is a common problem for pub chefs. The salt in sweat builds up and causes friction, our scientists at The Morning Advertiser ​tell us.
Talcum powder can be a Godsend.

7. Never having a social life

Weekends? What are they? Free time? Never heard of it.

8. Constantly smelling like food

Nothing can get that smell of fat and grease out of your whites, or hair, for that matter.

9. Last minute customers

Two minutes before the kitchen closes after a busy shift, everything is clean and put away, a customer strolls in. Cheese sandwich and a packet of crisps, sir?

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