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Nutrition hit: Shami Radia says insects are tasty and easy to farm
Nutrition hit: Shami Radia says insects are tasty and easy to farm
When it comes to snacking at the bar, crisps and nuts have seemingly got it sewn up, but Eat Grub co-founder Shami Radia explains why protein-packed insects have the edge over traditional foods and hopes customers pass on the message.

Eating insects may be something seen more often on a TV show based in the jungle, but crunching on bugs is something operators should tap into.

Co-founder of Eat Grub Shami Radia is speaking at the MA500 conference in Cardiff this month (24 May).

The Morning Advertiser​ asked him about the benefits of offering an alternative bar snack to crisps and nuts.

Why did you set up the business?

Our main mission is to get people trying insects because we are confident that once they try them, they will be pleasantly surprised.

That is the aim for us because from that point we have got an advocate. We have got someone who is going to tell 10 other people ‘I tried crickets and they are delicious’.

We don’t want the insects to be a novelty or gimmick, we understand that people are going to try them because there’s something unique and unusual about them but we are really confident on the taste.

Why should pubs stock insects?

Insects are eaten all around the world because they taste really good, are really nutritious and are really easy and environmentally easy to farm.

Why are pubs a good place to showcase snack options like insects?

In the bar and pub arena, it works really well because people are naturally a bit more willing to try new things, partly because they have had a couple of drinks.

Let’s be honest, if you are at a table and you’ve had a beer or a glass of wine, you will be a bit more willing to try something like this for the first time.

In those environments, you will always get those kinds of people who are a bit more adventurous and up for trying something different.

You will also get those people who are waiting to see the reaction from the people who dive in and try them first.

What options are available to operators who want to stock insects?

There are various ways grub snacks can be presented – in the packet like peanuts or in a large Kilner jar, like how people have wasabi peas on the back bar.”            

Are you in the club?

Eat Grub will be speaking at the next MA500 event in Cardiff.

The MA500 business club is open to multi-site operators and runs three nationwide events a year that include business-focused presentations from top experts and owner-operators.

Each event is followed by an evening's networking study tour of new and exciting venues in the area.

To register your interest in attending the next MA500 meeting in Cardiff on 24 May, email enpury.jneq@jeoz.pbz​ 

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