Publican who fought off three masked men honoured

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Bestowed for bravery: pub manager fights off three masked men
Bestowed for bravery: pub manager fights off three masked men

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A pub manager will receive a Public Bravery Award tonight for fighting off three weapon-wielding attackers as she counted takings.

On August 9 2017, Hannah Pacey was counting the daily takings when the men came in, placed a wet cloth over her face and threatened her by holding a pair of scissors to open the safe.

But Pacey refused.

She, along with a colleague, were punched in the face but she fought back and ensured they would only leave with the takings from the till at the Nottingham Knight, in Nottingham, after the mask slipped on one of the attackers.

Justice prevailed

Ms Pacey said: “The experience was one that resulted in very confusing emotions.

“Many people have questioned why I didn’t open the safe and, to be truthful, I can’t answer this.

“However, I am pleased I didn’t otherwise I wouldn’t have seen their faces and justice wouldn’t have prevailed.” 

Pacey went on to provide a statement and positively identify all three men in a controlled witness viewing and gave evidence at Nottingham Crown Court without special measures.

Today, Pacey will travel down to the capital in which her bravery, both during the robbery and at the trial, will be commended.

Extremely grateful

Pacey continued: “For a long while, I questioned whether I could have prevented the event, but I was also incredibly angry.

“This is why I wanted to face them directly in court and show that I have progressed with my life and their actions would not go unpunished.

“I’m extremely grateful to my work colleagues, the Nottingham police force and the legal professions who supported me throughout.”

All three men were convicted and sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment each.

A silver medal

Nottinghamshire Police's chief superintendent Rob Griffin said: "Ms Pacey showed incredible physical courage and bravery.

"Her courage throughout the trial should also be commended and I'm delighted she has been awarded a medal as recognition of her actions.”

Pacey will be awarded a silver medal at the awards this evening. 

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